iLovePDF Updates

July 22, 2022 |

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iLovePDF Updates
In this article, you will learn:

What is iLovePDF?

The iLovePDF offers a complete package of pdf tools that manage any documents. This pdf app contains the best 22 pdf tools, including PDF merge, compress, split, reader, viewer, rotator, converter, and many others, that can handle the educational or business types of documents or files. You can change files according to your requirements. You can get multiple benefits as you can merge, split, compress, edit, rotate pdf, and make reverse conversion of pdf into word, excel PowerPoint, and JPG.

What is the importance of iLovePDF?

With the advancement in technology, we shifted to an online platform, and documents are usually used to share data, so documents are required in different formats, particularly for business purposes. Thus, iLovePDF encompass various features that convert pdf files into multiple formats and back into pdf formats with ease. Likewise, for educational purposes, teachers or students can edit, add or delete, merge files, etc. The iLovePDF offers various services which help you in multiple ways, such as;

  • Merge multiple pdf files

  • Split or separate pdf documents

  • Edit pdf

  • Add or delete page

  • Cut, resize images

  • Converts pdf into various formats

  • Protects and unlocks pdf files

  • Repair pdf

  • Translate documents

  • Transform pdf to JPG

  • Rotate pdf, etc.

You can see in the picture, it contains numerous pdf tools.


Why we use iLovePDF

Multiple reasons compel us to use the iLovePDF App to work on pdf documents—best solution for organizing, managing, and editing documents for business, educational use.

  • It's available for Android, IOS, and windows operating systems.

  • Each pdf tool is user-friendly.

  • The program is based on end-to-end encryption that assures the protection of your information and never shares information with a third party.

  • Lightweight program and occupies a small space in your system

  • The program includes Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you can share your pdf reader with Google drive and Dropbox.

  • Offers almost all services related to pdf projects

  • Available both online and offline

  • Not taking more time to complete the task.

  • Handy to use and run smoothly

  • The paid version is affordable.

  • The iLovePDF can also translate your pdf files in multiple languages.


What are the iLovePDF updates?

Program developers update features annually and try to provide the best services to their costumers. They read users' queries and fix them as early as they can, update & add new features in the iLovePDF App. They also upload blogs on the iLovePDF website to guide users regarding how to use pdf tools. Thus, recent updates that can be done in iLovePDF are listed here, such as:

  • Your data and content can recover from corrupted files with the Repair PDF tool.

  • A handy QR Code Scanner is included in this App—the point at QR codes & pop-up websites.

  • Some new features are added in the Edit pdf tool; you can add or delete a particular page number and make changes wherever you want.

  • The iLovePDF App includes a new Sign pdf tool; you can sign your certified documents.

You can download ilovePDF and get your free trial.

Guide to download WPS Office:

You're not restricted to only iLovePDF apps; you can try alternative pdf apps. Likewise, WPS Office is the most acceptable, with multiple features and is a hassle-free pdf app. If you want to edit, convert, compress, watermark, merge, and split your educational and professional pdf documents without compromising the quality of your documents, you must download WPS Office.

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