Steps on How to Add Electronic Signature in PDF

July 31, 2023388 views

Signing your documents electronically saves you a lot of time and energy. Primarily, if your company deals with tons of paper processes and documentation, it provides an easy way to edit and convert your PDF documents if you choose to.

There are numerous methods on how to add electronic signatures in pdf. There are also various software applications that you can download to do this. They are available online and free to use. You no longer have to go through the rigor of printing your PDF documents to sign them.

This article provides you with easy steps on how to add electronic signatures to PDF documents.

Benefits of Electronic Signature When Working With Your Computer

Listed below are the advantages of using electronic signatures when working with your computer:

1. It Reduces Manual Efforts

Adding electronic signatures in PDF reduces the physical effort of printing and manually signing your documents. Every step here is done online, and there is no need to trash a document in case of an error. Just edit the document.

2. It Defies Distance

This will remain one of the significant advantages of adding electronic signatures in PDF. You can close deals online with business partners from far and wide without meeting them physically. It helps you receive and sign documents from afar, regardless of where you are, without needing a document scanner.

3. It Is User Friendly

The PDF editors that help you edit and add your electronic signature to your documents are user-friendly. They can be easily installed on your desktop or personal computer and are very easy to manipulate. The steps are easy and quick, and they are free to use. These editing tools are WPS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and PDFescape.

Tips on How to Add Electronic Signature in PDF Documents

Listed below are the steps on how to add an electronic signature to the PDF document:

1. Open the PDF Document

Start by opening the PDF document you wish to edit with WPS Office. It is excellent software for adding electronic signatures to your PDF documents. It works both offline and online and is free to use. If you do not have this application already, you can easily download it online.

Download the version you need and access your documents for free. Afterward, you can proceed to add an electronic signature to your pdf.

2. Choose the Sign Option

WPS Office makes it easy to edit and add electronic signatures to your PDF document. Once you open the document you intend to sign on, click on the "Insert" button from the toolbar displayed at the top. You will find the "Insert" button next to the "Home" button if you work with your computer.

Once you click on this, a new set of options will be displayed. Choose the "Sign" option, and click "Create signature."

3. Add Your Signature

After you have clicked on the "Create signature" button, you will be provided with options to either input your signature, upload an image, or draw your initials. You can easily input your signature here or upload an image of it.

This is where you add your electronic signature to the PDF file. If you choose to draw and make a mistake, you can edit it. Just erase it with the "clear" button and redo it before you save.

4. Save the Changes

Once you are satisfied with your electronic signature in your PDF document, save the changes on your document. The electronic signature you have added will reflect on your PDF document as you share them with others online.

5. Share

This step applies especially If the document is a business agreement between two parties. Ensure that the document is created to accommodate multiple signatures. All you have to do is send it to your business partners to download, add their electronic signatures, and send it back to you.


Where are Electronic Signatures Not Accepted?

Though electronic signatures are widely accepted and legally recognized, they are not valid for court cases. The same applies when signing a document to seal an adoption or on a marriage certificate. Electronic signatures are also not accepted for signing your will.

What is an Electronic Signature?

Electronic signatures are electronic versions of your signature. This can even be an image of your signature attached to a document online.

What Makes an Electronic Signature Unique From a Digital Signature?

An electronic signature is simply a way to consent to a document. It is a means of sealing agreements and deals with partners or clients online. A digital signature, on the other hand, is more complicated. It requires you to have a digital certificate before you can create one. It is commonly used in government-owned administrations.

Get More Insights on Electronic Signatures

Learn more about adding electronic signatures to your PDF documents and an effective workflow with business partners. It will save you money and time as all the processes are done online and for free.

Download the WPS Office application and begin to edit your PDF documents easily. It is one sure software for signing multiple PDF documents electronically.

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