How to merge PDF files?
Download guide for using Free WPS office 2022 feature How to Merge PDF files offline:

PDFs are convenient and practical for sharing documents so that they’re seen the same way by all associations. Sometimes you need to merge two or more PDF files to make one. Merging various PDF files which are linked to each other in any way, will help you to keep and review them in one go. Here's how to merge PDF by using Free WPS office 2022.

How to merge PDF files?

It is a complete guide with all steps explained and illustrated to merge PDF files by Free WPS office 2022.

Online Method:

First of all, you need to type the given URL in your browser. You will land on the page which will look like as below:


Next, scroll down. A list of features is given here. You need to click on the required feature which is “Merge PDF”.


Good. Keep Going!

As a result of clicking, you will land on this page. Here, you need to click “Select PDF File”


Going Good!

After clicking you need to add the required PDF files from your computer.

Before adding a file, you need to Login.

You can continue with your Gmail.


Add the required PDF files.


You are on the right track!

After adding required files, you will get such a type of display. Now your files are ready to merge. Before merging, remember. Here you can arrange files in order before merging. Simply put them in order, with the help of a mouse. After deciding the order, you simply need to click on “Merge” Key.

How to merge PDF files more than two in the Free WPS office 2022?

You can simply do this by clicking “Add file” again. Add files up to your requirements.

You can add two, three, four or more…Easy to do!


And, it’s done. Click on Download key to get your merged PDF files.


Save them in your required folder. Now your merged PDF files are ready to use!

If you find any difficulty, scroll down and look into FAQs. I hope they will help you in solving your query.


Download guide for using Free WPS office 2022 feature How to Merge PDF files offline:

If you want to use this feature offline, it is available either. Just follow the given directions:

For downloading this app and using it offline, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Click on “Download app to work offline”!


Save the download file in your required folder.

And install it afterwards for offline use.


Ta-daa! You have got the Free WPS office 2022. for your future usage!

  • Install and launch it on your computer.
  • Upload the PDF files you want to merge.
  • Login to your WPs account by using your Gmail.
  • Click on Merge, to get your results.
  • Few moments later, you will get your merged PDF file.


So, get your Free WPS office 2022 and start merging your PDF files in one go!