WPS PDF Updates

July 31, 20231.3K views

What is WPS PDF tool?

WPS PDF updates are updated as soon as a new update is made in the WPS pdf tool. WPS is a free or paid light-Mbs office available for Linux, windows, mac, and ios. It's a feature-rich tool and is very compatible with every different kind of device or document. WPS offers feature-rich pdf conversions and can edit, delete or insert documents. And this pdf tool of WPS is known as WPS pdf.

Importance of WPS PDF?

As we know pdf file version is most handy to use, so everyone searches for different options to convert other files into pdf. Particularly teachers and students have to insert a specific page in any pdf, or they have to delete a specific page. Sometimes they want to crop a particular portion of a document for free. So, here WPS pdf servers you the best.

You can guess its importance from the following facilities offered by WPS pdf to the users.

  1. Convert pdf into word, excel, or ppt

  2. Crop and annotate the pdf

  3. Delete a specific page of pdf

  4. Insert a particular page in the pdf

  5. Convert pdf to images

  6. Resize pdf

  7. Adjust the preview or default page of the pdf

You can guess how much important WPS is for you from the images given below.

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Why use WPS PDF?

There is not only a single reason to use WPS PDF; once you use this tool, you will love its functions.

  1. It's compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux, etc.

  2. Light weight and feature riched.

  3. You can download and install it just within 5 minutes.

  4. Guarantee secure documents

  5. Convert any pdf into any file format and vice versa.

  6. You can use it online or offline.

  7. Most of the basic features are available in the free version

  8. The paid version is not much costly.

  9. Function updates are updated every year.

  10. Budget-friendly and user-friendly pdf tool

WPS PDF updates in 2021 and 2022:

WPS pdf tool functions are updated as soon as a new feature is required. You can check the update Features of Wps pdf tool in the different years by searching what's unique about WPS or WPS updates. The recent update was made in 2022. And this continues as soon as a new feature is introduced or an issue is solved.

Here is the list of some updated functions in 2021 and 2022 of WPS pdf:

  1. Take pdf screenshot

  2. Convert specific parts of pdf into the picture

  3. Not able to pin the pdf file-bug is fixed

  4. Sync pdf-cloud signatures

  5. Eraser feature is added to pdf for markup and highlights.

  6. Customer stamp tool added.

  7. The annotation tool is added to mark a specific portion

  8. You can take a print with templated-based features.

  9. You can combine the document. Suppose you have two different documents; you can put them into one pdf.

  10. Similarly, if you want to select just some pages and delete some, you can also do this and combine the documents as you wish.

  11. Choose the language according to your document while using a pdf. It's beneficial if you can convert any document into the desired language.

  12. You can create a pdf from the web by WPS.

7.11-3-WPS pdf updates 2021 and 2022.png

WPS PDF updated functions improvement:

WPS pdf should ensure that every type of excel document should be easily convertible to pdf. Similarly, every kind of pdf document should be easily convertible to excel. Users cannot convert pdf files into some of the excel file formats like Xltx and XML. WPS pdf tool should update these features.

Guide to download WPS PDF:

With so many features in the WPS PDF tool, you must be willing to download WPS office. It improves your student and professional life when it comes to editing, sharing, reading, combining, and converting documents.

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