5 Common Free PDF Reader Online Tools

July 31, 20231.3K views

Online pdf readers are vital when installing a pdf reader is problematic. The problem could be due to a lack of enough space on your device or even a lack of time to do so. Pdf is almost everywhere and there is no way of telling when you may encounter one. Knowing one or two great free pdf reader online tools will therefore be of paramount importance. Let’s look at some important aspects of the online pdf readers and also highlight how you can use some of them.

Advantages Of Online Pdf Readers

Whether you are using the free or paid online pdf reader, there are some advantages to it as compared to using offline pdf readers. The advantages include:

  • Generally, online pdf readers and even offline pdf readers allow you to optimize usage of paper-based processes and in the long term save on costs.
  • Online pdf readers also enable one to quickly generate specific files such as brochures and share them effectively
  • You can also create searchable documents with an online pdf reader
  • It is quick and more secure to sign pdf using a good pdf reader online tool like the WPS PDF reader
  • It is easier to include videos or images into your pdf files using an online pdf reader

Disadvantages Of Online Pdf Readers

Even with a perfect free pdf reader online tool, it still carries some risks using the tool. The advantages of online pdf reader tools include:

  • Online pdf readers may not allow you to view some password protected pdfs prompting you to seek permission from the person who shared it. This might waste a substantial amount of time
  • Certain online pdf readers also have selectivity when it comes to view some documents. such documents may not align with the standard set by the free pdf reader online tool
  • The readers require a good internet connection which may not always be available.
  • Other online pdf readers often fail to recognize the pdf due to incompatibility issues.

Common Online Pdf Readers

1-WPS PDF Reader


The online WPS pdf reader is a set of pdf tools available for you to view, edit and convert your pdf file into and from other formats. It is easier to use and a highly recommended free pdf reader online tool.

How To Use The Online WPS Pdf Reader

To edit and do other pdf manipulation actions using the online WPS pdf reader, visit the site https://pdf.wps.com. You can also simply download the WPS office app and access the Text tools. Here you can add text, images, sign, and annotate PDF pages. All these actions are free.

2-Google Drive


Google drive is available online for you to view your pdfs. It allows you to organize the documents into folders so that you can easily access them. You can use google drive on any browser as long as you are connected to the internet. The software allows you to do some edits on your pdf, export them and also easily share them. It also allows you to do various pdf conversions, especially to and from Excel and Word documents.

3-Foxit Reader


Foxit reader is closely related to google drive in terms of how they work. It allows you to create pdf documents, store them safely in cloud storage and share them easily. It also allows you to convert other document formats into pdfs so that you can easily view and share them. It is therefore one of the best free pdf reader online tools that you can use.

4-Adobe Acrobat Reader

adobe dc.png

Available both online and offline, adobe acrobat is among the most commonly used free pdf reader online tools. The online version is beneficial since you can access your cloud storage platforms easily. It is unique in the sense that it can read out loud some of the pdf documents. It is preferred by those people who have a tight schedule.

5-The Browser

Although less efficient, most web browsers have an in-built pdf reader that allows you to do various common functions such as view and share pdfs.

In conclusion, there are many free online pdf reader tools. Some of them like the WPS pdf reader are better than others and therefore worth your time. You can use this WPS PDF reader as well as other tools online here https://pdf.wps.com

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