A Quick Guide To ilovepdf Free License

July 31, 20231.7K views

Editing editing editing… Sometimes editing a document or PDF file becomes an annoying task. Like burning a candle on both ends. Wait wait, I have got a solution for you. According to some latest tech research and reviews, most consumers have a good experience with ilovePDF. ilovepdf is incredibly simple to use, even if this is your first time using it. The tools can carry out their duties. If you are using the ilovePDF free license, you have access to all the tools you need in order to work with PDFs. Using the ilovePDF free license you can: - Gain access to all tools without any file size restrictions - File management obstacles can be removed, making it simple to edit and improve documents - It allows unlimited document processing - It works without showing ads. 

Introducing Three Different User Accounts of ilovePDF

  1. IlovePDF Free License(limited access to all tools, limited document editing, and work on the web solely)

  2. Premium (unlimited access to all editing tools, with unlimited editing, user-friendly experience on desktop, mobile, and website, free of ads)

  3. Business (tailored payment plan, dedicated customer support, more than 100 team members can use an individual account, including all premium features)

To avail of the best discount and free promo coupons, you can search many websites to find ilovePDF free license and coupon codes. Which awards you a 20% - 42% discount on an annual premium plan. Additionally sales on all the ilovePDF tools for free. You can also have the benefits of free promo codes at checkout.

Features of ilovePDF Free License

Let’s discuss features first, ilovePDF has many editing tools for your documents. Such as:

  • Organizing pdf by merging, splitting, removing, extracting pages, and scanning to pdf.

  • Optimizing pdf by compressing and repairing files.

  • Conversion of different JPG, word, EXCEL, HTML, and PowerPoint files to pdf.

  • Conversion of PDF to WORD, POWERPOINT, EXCEL, JPG

  • Editing a pdf; watermark, signature, rotate

  • PDF security; unlocking, protecting, and signing the document

Benefits of ilovePDF Free License

  • It’s simple and easy to use.

  • Offers file management

  • Can use on many platforms (mobile, website, desktop)

  • Can use both online and offline

  • Time-saving; allows you to process many files at the same time.

  • Online service let you import and export files through dropbox and google drive.

    Provides you with an option of a free trial before downloading and going for the paid version.

Pricing of ilovePDF Free License

  • You can select the pricing option for the plan that best satisfies your needs.

  • The free edition of ilovePDF lets you enjoy all of its features without paying a cent.

  • Lastly, you can profit from their business strategy, which provides customer assistance and a range of payment options.

  • For 4$/month, you receive full access to all of ilovePDF's tools, unlimited document processing, without ads.

  • A team of more than 100 users can be accommodated by the business plan to share every detail in one place.

Best Alternative of ilovePDF Free License

As Ilovepdf is a bit tacky for newbies, we have other alternative editors available too in the market. WPS Office is one of them. Which I found personally easy to use and learn. Although I m not that techy person still I found it quite simple and cheaper than ilovepdf.

WPS Office is handy, feature-rich, less space-consuming, and comprehensive all-in-one office software. Fully compatible with all types of document formats of Microsoft. And productive on all paces windows, mac, Linux, Android, and IOS.


Its premium account can be availed at 9 devices at the same time. Plus it suggests you a 7-day free trial of its premium account. WPS OFFICE premium account monthly fee is 3.99$. And the annual fee is 29.99$. Besides it also offers you a six-month plan, which is 18.99$. Moreover, it gives a great discount for education that’s 19.99$ for 3 years. Also, it has scored 9 out of 10 on comparecamp.com. It has strong and quick customer care services, Available on the phone and online. 

My opinion is, without further delay download WPS OFFICE Which is better than the ilovePDF free license and let your mind take a break. Enjoy all the benefits, let WPS do all your pending editing, and take a deep breath in the open air.

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