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Foxit PDF reader provides all the features you might desire for creating and working with PDFs, and it's a great alternative to Microsoft's Reader software. Here, we will discuss everything there is to know about Foxit PDF Editor and the Foxit Free Trial.

About Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor provides a convenient means of modifying PDF files for those working on Windows. It increases the document type's practicality by allowing for straightforward and effective PDF file editing. It has an intuitive UI that makes it feel like the user is simply editing a document in a standard text editor. Foxit PDF Editor allows you to change any element of a PDF file's page layout and text. Any changes you make to a PDF using this tool won't affect the format's superior readability or print quality. Users can test out Foxit PDF Reader Mobile's advanced capabilities during a 7-day Foxit Free Trial (similar to Pdf Expert free trial).

Foxit PDF Editor is a legitimate PDF editor that allows you to make changes to the text, add or remove images, and more. It also has a dedicated image editor for altering images and other visual content. When a user selects an item, a properties pane appears, allowing them to modify the item's settings. A user can modify a text object in several ways, including by cutting it up into smaller pieces or joining it with other text objects on the same line. The Layout editor box lets you adjust the page size, content size, and other page properties.

Foxit PDF Editor: User Experience


PDF creation can seem daunting to those who have never done it before, and Foxit Reader's UI can seem even more complicated. While the overall design is not too unlike that of Microsoft Office (the ribbon toolbar, for example, is instantly recognizable), some users may be put off by the software's apparent complexity.

By minimizing the ribbon, you can make more room on the screen for the PDF you're viewing, which is enhanced by the option to view the file on full screen. The entire window can be minimized to a little icon on the system tray instead of taking up valuable real estate on the Windows Taskbar.

Foxit Reader may be quickly and easily used for viewing PDF documents as in WPS PDF. Try out all the advanced capabilities with the Foxit Free Trial. Working with multiple files at once is made easy by the inclusion of the second row of tabs, and a toolbar that is vertical in orientation facilitates the navigation of bookmarks, tables of contents, and similar features.

Why Should You Try Foxit Free Trial?

Foxit PDF Reader premium features are available in the Foxit Free Trial. - Make PDFs and send them out into the world. - Sorting PDF Documents - Certificate and password protection for PDF documents. - Keep sensitive PDFs safe by encrypting them using Microsoft's Information Protection - Microsoft Intune can be used to control the app and safeguard company information. - Actively take part in Post ratings and send in reviews via email. - Documents in PDF format can be improved. - You can use a digital certificate to sign PDF files if you already have a digital certificate. - XFA paperwork must be worked with. - PDF file editing

How to Sign Up for Foxit Free Trial?

Users can test out all of Foxit PDF Reader Mobile's premium features risk-free with Foxit Free Trial for a full week. Users who want access to the premium features after the trial period ends have the option to pay for a membership. Foxit PDF Reader free download app is included in the subscription and is compatible with iOS and Windows devices.

Foxit Account Sign Up

  • You will need a Foxit Account to subscribe to the mobile version of Foxit PDF Reader. After a successful subscription, you'll have access to your personal Foxit Account and all of its extra features.
  • To create a Foxit ID, open the Tool Selector by tapping its icon, Login, and Sign In/Sign Up in the Subscribe For More Privileges window.
  • Enter your name, email address, and password and click the Sign-Up button.
  • If you have already registered for a Foxit Account on the Foxit website, you can sign in with your account details on Foxit PDF Reader Mobile.

Foxit Account Sign In

First, open the Tool Selector by tapping its icon; next, from the Tool Selector, tap Login; finally, from the Subscribe For More Privileges box, tap Sign In/Sign Up; finally, enter your account information and tap Sign In.

Download WPS Office: An alternative to Foxit

You can use the WPS Office to edit PDF files in any of the three WPS Office applications: Writer, Presentation, or Spreadsheets, on Windows or Android. Since no re-keying is required, formatting is preserved, and PDF files can be converted on-the-fly with the ease of these tools, PDF conversion is a time-saver. This means that users can extract the text they need from a document without having to transform the entire page.

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