How to Fill Out a PDF Form and Email It

July 31, 2023942 views

A paperless office starts with filling out a PDF form on the go and emailing it back within the minute.

PDFs are great because they’re typically universal - pretty much anyone can open and view them. They are convenient and can be viewed on almost any type of device. 

The only disadvantage PDF documents can have is that they’re uneditable and it can be difficult to modify them. 

If you need to sign or fill in a form on a PDF that is already fillable (or not), there are a few different ways you can do this.

Below we’ll cover a few different options if you’re looking for ways to fill out a PDF form and email it with software such as Adobe Acrobat, online services, and more. And we'll also cover how to fill out a PDF form that is not fillable.

How to fill out a PDF form online with Google Docs

If you have a Gmail account, you already have access to Google Docs online for free. 

Google Docs allows you to edit your PDFs on your computer. You can add text, edit pages with images or remove them, add shapes, and even add signatures. 

It's easy to convert PDF files into Google Docs as you only need to have the original file. However, due to the differences between the PDF format and Google Docs format, font styles, images, and other formatting choices can be affected when turning PDF into Google Docs.

Though, for simple text editing and filling, Google Docs can do the trick for document forms.

Here’s how to fill a PDF form with Google Docs:


Open Google Drive in another browser tab and go to the file you wish to edit. Upload the file to Google Drive if it is saved to your computer. 


Right-click on the document and navigate to "Open with...".



From there, select Google Docs from the list of editors available. The document will open in a new tab in Google Docs. The text in the opened document will be editable.


To add text, place the cursor anywhere you wish and type.


After you've finished editing, go to File > Download > PDF Document (.pdf). The document will be downloaded to your device in PDF.



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