What is PDF Organizer in the PDF World?

July 31, 20231.3K views

Pdfs are currently everywhere as so many organizations have come to appreciate how secure they can be. You will therefore at any one point required to have a pdf organizer. A pdf organizer enables you to have your pdf document in order. This implies that you can add new pages to a pdf, delete some pages or even rearrange existing pages of the pdf. This article takes you through what is pdf organizer and explains why the WPS PDF tool for organizing your pdf is the best.

About Online WPS Pdf Organizer

The WPS pdf organizer is a tool available online that you can use to organize your pdf document. You can now easily sort, add or delete pages on your pdf. It is part of the one-in-all pdf tool package in the WPS office pdf software

Why You Should Choose the WPS Pdf Organizer


There are many reasons why this WPS pdf tool is the best and why most people use it to organize their pdf files. Some of these reasons include:

  • 1-Wide range of features available

The WPS PDF tool has all the features you need to put your document in order. Very few pdf organizers enable you to add, delete and rearrange the pages in your pdf. All these features are available for you if you understand what is pdf organizer and how to use it.

  • 2-Easy to use WPS PDF tool

The online WPS pdf organizer is the simplest organizer to use. It has a nice user-friendly interface that does not confuse you. this is why you should have the all-in-one pdf tool since all other features are this way.

  • 3-Privacy and security are guaranteed

With the WPS office, the privacy and security of your document are well considered. You don’t have to worry about your document ending in the wrong hands and causing harm to you or your organization. One such measure to protect your document is when the pdf editor automatically deletes your document within an hour of uploading. More security options can be found when you use the WPS application a one-in-all pdf tall offline.

  • 4-It is free

Unlike other popular pdf organizers, this WPS PDF tool is free. You don’t need any subscription to organize your file. You just need to have an idea about what is pdf organizer.

How To Use the Online WPS Pdf Organizer?

As mentioned before, using the online pdf organizer is very easy. Here are the steps to follow and organize your file:

Step1: Visit the WPS pdf website https://pdf.wps.com and go to the pdf organizer tool


Step2: click on the ‘select file’ icon and upload the files you want to organize


Step3: you can then do the various functions on your pdf. You can add pages, delete or reorder.

Using WPS Pdf Offline

In case you are not able to use the online pdf organizer, then you will require to download the one-in-all pdf tool, that is, the WPS office app. It is a little more economical since you won’t need an internet connection although you may need to go premium to use it.

How To Organize a Pdf Offline?

To organize a pdf offline using the all-in-one PDF tool, follow these steps:

Step1: open your app on any device you are using

Step2: Tap on the PDF tools icon and access the pdf organizer tool

Step3: you can now proceed with the online pdf organizer

Other Popular Pdf Organizers

There are lots and lots of many other pdf organizers available. A good number are online organizers while a few require that you download the app and therefore work offline. They may be as good as the WPS pdf organizer but most lack the flexibility and also have just a few features. Most are also very expensive and may eat into your pocket monthly if you are not careful. They include:

Acrobat Online Pdf Organizer


The acrobat online pdf organizer is a good pdf organizer. In case you cannot access the WPS pdf organizer, then this organizer can be a perfect alternative. It will help you reorder and rearrange your document easily.



Pdf2go is also an online pdf organizer that does some good pdf rearrangement and reordering. It is easy to use and free. It also enables you to delete a page like the WPS pdf organizer

Sejda Pdf Organizer


Sejda is an online pdf organizer that does not require you to log in or register.

In conclusion, as long as you know what is pdf organizer, then WPS office is a one-in-all pdf tool that caters to your pdf organizing needs and enables you to do a good job without many struggles. You can download the app or use the pdf organizer here https://pdf.wps.com.

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