A Brief Guide on How to Convert PDF to Word in Adobe Reader

July 31, 2023659 views

Are you stuck with converting PDF into Word in Adobe reader? Are you looking for an easy guide to document conversion? We will help you with everything you need to know about the conversion. The Adobe app can be used both by online and offline means. However, Creative Cloud, a desktop application is required for its offline usage.

Let’s have an in-depth look at how you can convert PDF to Word in Adobe reader. All the steps are very easy. Furthermore, we have provided a graphical explanation for better understanding.

Steps to Convert PDF to Word in Adobe Reader

Step 1: Downloading Adobe Reader

To convert PDF to Word in Adobe reader, the foremost step is downloading the adobe reader. Go to the download page of Adobe reader for windows. Click on the “download” option. You will get the message of file downloading at the base of the browser window. Select the “run” option after that. If you are installing Adobe reader with a DC subscription for windows, it will be completed in two steps:

  • Downloading of installer

  • Installation of reader

Step 2: Opening the Required File

The second step required to convert a PDF file into a Word file using an Abode reader is to open your concerned PDF file in Acrobat DC.

Step 3: Select the Required File

You have to select the 'Export PDF' option present in the right pane. By clicking this tool, the file you want to convert will be exported.

Step 4: Select Required Format

You need to select your export format. You have to choose Microsoft word as an export format. After choosing this, click the word document option.


Step 5: Choose ‘Export’

Choose the option 'Export'. In case of the presence of any text that is scanned, text recognition will automatically be run by an Acrobat reader.


Step 6: Save your file

You're almost there! The final step is to save your converted file. For this, you have to properly name your file. Use DOC or DOCX format for naming. To save your file, click on the 'Save' option. You're done.


That is how you will convert PDF files into word using an acrobat reader.


For using an acrobat reader online, you have to sign in.  The service can also be availed online using a paid or free account, for your windows. You can edit and export files with utmost convenience whether online or offline. The updated version of Adobe reader is released in March 2022 and has enhanced features from the previous year. Adobe reader 2022 is safer and more secure than all other versions.

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