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Why Choose WPS Office to Convert PDF to PowerPoint?

  • Preserved Formats

    WPS Office preserves the layout and font formatting of the original file. You can easily convert PDF to PowerPoint while preserving various formats.

  • Editable Slides

    WPS Presentation supports editing, annotation, animation, changing view mode, and other operations on the converted slides. WPS PDF Converter is an excellent tool for presenting your ideas.

  • Extractable Elements

    Images and texts in a PDF file can be converted into separate elements and edited in a PowerPoint presentation.

PDF to PowerPoint Conversion FAQs

Can I convert a PDF file to a PowerPoint presentation?

Of course, you can. Use WPS Converter to turn a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation with ease, whether it's online or offline.

Is there any difference between a PDF file and a PowerPoint presentation?

A PDF file is usually used for saving and sharing because of its standardized formats. A presentation file is suitable for presenting official reports because it allows flexible editing. WPS Office has prepared a large number of attractive and free presentation templates for you.

How do I convert PDF files to other formats?

Download WPS Office. WPS PDF Converter allows you to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and other formats.

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  • How to Convert PDF to PPTM Easily?
    How To Tutorials ,
    How to Convert PDF to PPTM Easily?
    Uploading files as PDFs is an ideal alternative because PDFs are internationally accepted and cannot be easily changed, ensuring the legitimacy of your content. However, PPTM is required for the presentation and slideshow formats. Microsoft PowerPoint macro-enabled presentation; consists of a set of slides, each with its content, design, visuals, and integrated macros; frequently used to preserve business, commercial, and educational presentation materials. But how to convert PDF to PPTM? ## What is the PDF to PPTM converter? PDF to PPTM converters convert any file format from PDF to PPTM for presentation applications. There are numerous online and downloadable PDF to PPTM converters available. Download PDFs to PPTM converters to use whenever you need them for added features. Here are a few examples of the converters: - WPS - Filestar* - Convertio - Adobe - pdfFiller - CloudConvert ## Why use PDF to PPTM converter? There are occasions when PPTM documents are needed for presentations regarding business and education. In such cases, one needed to use a useful and informative PDF in the presentation. So, one needed to convert a PDF file to a PPTM file. A PPTM file can also be modified more easily than a PDF file. It is not surprising that you might need to convert a PDF document to PPTM to edit it more easily. ## How to convert PDF to PPTM in Filestar? It makes it easier for you to work with many types of files daily with Filestar. The program converts files and performs other tasks related to files. One or more files can be converted, combined, split, transformed, compressed, or extracted with just a few clicks. Once you have downloaded it, you can use it to convert PDFs to PPTMs. But how to convert PDF to PPTM? What are the steps? Step 1: Install the most recent version of Filestar from the website. The software is available and accessible to Windows users. Step 2: Launch the software when it has been downloaded and installed. Select plus button to add targeted pdf files. ![??10.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/10_6ee3ada10a.png) Step 3: Convert with Filestar by right-clicking on one or more PDF files on your desktop. Step 4: In the search box, enter convert to PPTM. Step 5: Select Convert. ![??11.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/11_f8af7e68d2.png) ## Importance: - It is quite easy to operate. - Convert PDF to PPTM and other formats. - It is a small application and does not take much space. - Simple installation instructions. - Data safety is assured. ## Improvements needed in PDF to PPTM converter: Overall, the application is good, and consumers love the features it has. However, the software is only available for Windows. Mac consumers are not accessible to the software. This should be available for them too. The user interface should be simplified for newcomers. Iteration may be required. Also, sometimes files do not always convert correctly. It appears to happen on a regular and somewhat random basis. That should be improved. ## Guide to Download WPS To understand how to convert pdf to pptm, download WPS pdf to pptm converter. You may turn any type of file using WPS pdf to a pptm converter. The WPS web page allows you to change files both online and offline. This feature is accessible in both the free or paid versions. A pdf file can be altered or removed with the WPS pdf converter.
  • Everything You Need to Know about Converting PDF to PPTX
    Software News ,
    Everything You Need to Know about Converting PDF to PPTX
    Pdf to pptx conversion is primarily important when we need to convert the pdf file into the form of a presentation. So that we don't have to write everything one by one in our presentation, or we can edit or remove the text or images in our presentations. We will discuss how we can open our pptx files in Windows 10, 8 and older in 2022. And how can we convert our pdf files into the pptx. ## How to open pptx files? We need pptx files while make presentations for your academic or business uses. Pptx files offer the best viewing experience, so every important meeting is presented as pptx files. But how can we open the pptx files? We can open our pptx files in windows 10, 8, and 7 and on mac. There are some very simple ways to open the pptx files in windows. Even a layman can easily open the pptx files by using this method. And these tools to open the pptx files are free to download and install. 1. You can open your pptx files in windows using the WPS or ms office. Right click on your pptx file and open it with either WPS or ms office. It is an offline method, and you can use it easily. 2. The second method is to open your file by google slide. For this, you'll first need to upload your file on google drive and then open it on google drive. 3. the Third method is to open it with the help of any presentation app or software like slide share, open officeimpress, or online document viewer. ## Convert pdf to pptx by WPS: You can convert pdf to .pptx by WPS office without wasting any time. It's a free and offline tool. No internet connection; don't worry, you can still convert your pdf file to .pptx by WPS office. Here is how you can do this by the WPS office. Open your file in the WPS office. Go to the menu option and then click export pdf to ppt. ![??83.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/83_854e257f9c.png) Then a new page will open. Select the file type as pptx and select the location where you want to save the converted file. And then hit the start button. Your file will be converted to pptx within 1 or 2 minutes. ![??84.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/84_7cf3396a9f.png) You can also convert the file by clicking the tool option in the top bar and then selecting pdf to ppt. The rest of the steps are identical. ## Downlaod WPS office: Download WPS office to open your word, pptx or excel files for free. WPS will help you not just in opening the files, but it will also help convert your pdf files to pptx. You can also convert pdf to pictures like jpeg, png, bmp, and other file formats like txt, doc and .docx. So, if you are a student or a teacher, you must download the WPS office. It's a free must-have tool for people in business and those working in different offices.
  • How to Convert PDF to PPT Step by Step Guide
    How To Tutorials ,
    How to Convert PDF to PPT Step by Step Guide
    How to convert PDF to PPT all the step-by-step guides about converting PDF files into the PPT.PDF file are an amazing source of storing written content but the editing process of PDF files is very difficult a lot of issues should be faced. In other words, you've to convert those files into the PPT slides to perfectly edit the content. PDF combiner tools are used to combine the PDF into the Power point slides. ## Why do we need to convert PDF to PPT Online Converting PDF files to PPT is very useful for study purposes and presentations. In simple words, there are a lot of changes made to show a clean presentation on slides is possible by converting PDF to PPT. There are a lot of PDF combiner tools available online to convert PDF to PPT slides. Similarly, you can add different graphics along with other illustrations or charts to make them more interesting. People nowadays used their PDF files to convert into PPT online to make their study base and office presentations. ## Why download a PDF converter to convert PDF to PPT? PDF converter tool is used to convert PDF to PPT and another format that is needed to fulfill your needs. You can download different PDF converter tools to convert them into a file format. You can download those tools for your facilities and available in your system to convert all your PDF files anytime. There are a lot of other possibilities to convert PDF to PPT online without even downloading any tool. ## How to convert PDF to PPT Online? There are a lot of different tools available online to convert PDF to PPT. In other words, you can complete the procedure of converting PDF to PPT by just completing a few simple drag and drop processes. Here are the few steps that are used to convert PDF to PPT online. 1. Firstly Select a file by using the button. 2. Secondly drag and drop a PDF into the area given. 3. After that tool start working to convert your file from PDF to PPT. ## Improving to convert of PDF to PPT Some people faced issues in the improvement to convert PDF to PPT. There are a lot of trustworthy tools is available online where you can add different images and graphics to your documents to make better PPT slide presentations. You can also use WPS to add images and graphics to the content that you want to convert. ## WPS Convert PPT into PDF online working ![7.6 Have Perfect Digital Documents With A PDF Converter For Windows -2.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/7_6_Have_Perfect_Digital_Documents_With_A_PDF_Converter_For_Windows_2_a78085fd0a.png) WPS offers you a free service to convert PDF to PPT by following a few steps online. Firstly open your PDF in the WPS office. Use the tools tab to export to PDF. Select the file you want to convert and drag to its appropriate place. Written By **RANA ASMAT** A professional content writer student and blogger who has the experience to work on 200+ projects online. In this guide, I'll teach you how to convert PDF and experience. You can also Free download You can also download WPS Office to edit the word documents, excel, and PowerPoint for free of cost. Download now! And get an easy and enjoyable working experience.
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