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Why Choose WPS Office to Convert Images to PDF?

  • Free and High-quality Conversion

    WPS PDF Converter provides high-quality JPG images to PDF conversion and multiple output settings to help you convert images to high-quality PDF files.

  • Compatibility with Multiple Image Formats

    The JPG to PDF online converter is an all-in-one tool that allows you to add JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG images and convert them to PDF files.

  • High Flexibility

    WPS PDF Converter allows you to output images one by one or in a merged manner. You can customize the page size, page orientation, and margins as you like.

Image to PDF Conversion FAQs

How do I convert images to PDF files online?

1. Click Select File to upload your image or drag it directly to the green editing box.

2. Wait for a few seconds and click Download to get your converted PDF file.

How do I save a JPEG image as a PDF file without losing quality?

Try WPS PDF Converter and you will have a great experience of converting images to high-quality PDF files.

What is the fastest way to convert images to PDF files?

Use WPS PDF Converter online. Just drag and drop the file, and you can download the converted PDF file after a few seconds.

Learn More About JPG to PDF

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  • Everything about Converting JPG to PDF
    Software News ,
    Everything about Converting JPG to PDF
    JPG is an image file format best used on the internet. Many situations necessitate conversion of images to PDFs and finding a good JPG to PDF converter is therefore mandatory. Most of applications that can help in such tasks are found online and a few offline. This article shows you how to find and use a good online JPG to PDF converter for free. ## Why You Should Convert Jpg to Pdf There are many documents that are in JPG format. The format often ensures that the documents are in right quality and size especially when they are being uploaded on the internet. You may want to convert the jpg to pdf due to several reasons which may include: 1-Pdf file documents are easy to share online compared to jpg files Several organizations have come to appreciate the importance of pdfs and will want you to share them instead of jpg files 2-Better resolution Jpg files are usually *compressed and this compromises the resolution of your image. Converting the jpg to pdf will enhance the resolution 3-File size is reduced To save space on your device, it is good to have pdf rather than jpg files. It also makes them easy to share them. File size is reduced because the pdf file can be compressed. 4-Makes it easy to read scanned images A good number of scanned pages are in jpg. Such pages may not be easy to read and the only way out is to convert them too pdf. ## Where To Convert Jpg to Pdf for Free Many tools exist that help you convert your jpg file to a pdf file. They are available both online and offline. ![??60.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/60_74d04b5c63.png) - Converting JPG To PDF Online There are several online jpg to pdf converters. WPS PDF offers one such good converter which you should try out. WPS pdf online jpg to pdf converter helps do your conversions anytime and anywhere you want. You are therefore not limited to doing the task on your computer alone. Only internet is required before you can easily do your jpg to pdf conversion. - Converting Jpg to Pdf on Desktop If you can easily access and use a computer, then you can as well do your jpg to pdf conversion. Using your computer is a little more convenient because you don’t need to browse anything and hence no need of internet connectivity. Among the best available ways on windows devices is the WPS office software which you can install for free. Other operating system also has different methods and software that you can use for this purpose. An example is the preview for Mac. ## How To Convert Jpg to Pdf In WPS office, converting jpg to pdf is a simple process. It takes no more than 5 minutes making it the best application you may want to use for your conversions. You can also choose to use the more efficient online converter by WPS PDF. Let’s explore these two options: ### Using WPS office The process of converting jpg to pdf in WPS office application is one of the many top functions available. It is a simple process as outlined below: 1. In the WPS office interface, select picture to pdf most likely present on the top right corner. 2. You get a window once you have clicked the button. Click the plus (+) sign in the window and select the jpg file you want to convert to pdf. 3. You have several ways in which you can customize your file. This means that you can merge, orient and use the right format for your pdf file. 4. After customizing, enter the name of your file and save. ### Using WPS PDF tools WPS PDF has a perfect online jpg to pdf converter. It enables you to convert images to pdf within seconds in all formats and not only jpg. It supports JPEG, PNG BMP among other image file formats. The converter is easy to use since you only need to visit the website pdf.wps.com, tap the select image button in the window and finish your task. ## Advantages Of Using WPS Office There are many software that offer jpg to pdf conversion. However, few or even none matches WPS Office. Using WPS office guarantees you the following advantages: - WPS PDF online converter as well as the application is free to use - You get high quality pdf files using WPS office converter due to several settings that are there - WPS office converter is not only limited to jpg but other image formats as well - It is very flexible depending on the number of images you have In conclusion, the best jpg to pdf converter that you can use is the WPS Office converter. You can download the WPS PDF tools here https://pdf.wps.com or use the online converter which is way faster.
  • How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows in the Best Ways 2022
    How To Tutorials ,
    How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows in the Best Ways 2022
    Do you've photos in JPG format and want to convert them into PDF format or combine multiple images into a single PDF file? This's the right place for you. It's a child's play process that can be performed using multiple applications, tools, and built-in features of your windows operating system. These techniques execute tasks manually, and the converted PDF file contains the same quality as the original file. Why do we need to talk about "How to convert JPG to PDF on windows"? This's because, by default, photos are stored on our computer in JPG format. If we need to get a PDF file of our pictures, that is where we need a converter to convert JPG to PDF. ## How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows Using Offline Methods There’re multiple ways to convert JPG to PDF files on a window. The best methods’re explained below. ### How To Convert JPGTo PDF On Windows Using The WPS Office WPS is a free application that converts various file formats into PDFs. This application has a user-friendly and easy to use interface.Here’re a few steps that help you to convert JPG images to PDF files using the WPS office. Step 1: Download the WPS application from the website. And install it on your computer or laptop. Step 2: Open the WPS office, and click on the "Picture to PDF" option. ![??46.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/46_0e7a2de214.png) Step 3: You will see a pop-up screen, select the JPG pictures file location manually or you can drag and drop the file. ![??47.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/47_fe7d71521d.png) Step 4: Here, you can adjust the page according to your requirements; after making the necessary settings click the convert button. ![??48.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/48_d26a01932f.png) Step 5: On the next screen, It will ask you the location where you want to save the file and then select the Export option. After that, your file will start downloading. ### How To Convert JPG To PDF On Windows Via Print It is one of the easiest ways to convert any file to a pdf format without attaching any Printer to your computer or laptop. And this approach doesn't require any software or tools. **Here are a few steps to follow:** Step 1: Open the JPG photos file that you want to convert. Step 2: Right-click the mouse button, select the print option, or enter CTRL+P. ![??49.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/49_82d2f8f61c.png) Step 3: In the dropdown menu, select Microsoft Print to PDF option and click the print button. It will ask you the location where you want to save the PDF file containing images. ![??50.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/50_90405e7239.png) ## Conclusion The methods mentioned above are authentic, supported by all Windows versions, and have multiple easy-to-use features. Which one you choose for yourself is entirely up to you. For an easy solution of "how to convert JPG to PDF on windows, " we recommend you to download WPS Office Software and edit all types of files. Download it now for windows! And make your working adventure easy and enjoyable.
  • Check Out Some Amazing Information about Converting Jpg to PDF: Do Not Miss it!
    Software News ,
    Check Out Some Amazing Information about Converting Jpg to PDF: Do Not Miss it!
    The most two used file formats are jpg and pdf. Sometimes, you may need to convert jpg to pdf to make the file size smaller or you may want to print that document as well. And the most amazing thing is when you are converting to the pdf document then the original quality will be still retained. And once you can understand that you can do it then the first thing that will come to your mind will be what is the process! Right? In this article, you will come to know some basic information and knowledge about this topic and all information is very important. So, it may help you to find your way in some situations. ## What are the jpg file and pdf file? The full form is jpg is a joint photography group that is an image file format and as per the research of 2021 and 2022, this file type is one of the most used image formats. You can be able to share details in preferable file size. This is one of the most popular and easy-to-use digital formats that can be used in windows 10 or windows 8 and other devices as well. You can use it for social, email and blog content very easily. ![??23.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/23_75be28e8df.png) Another side, the full form of pdf is a portable document format which can display a huge range of documents very properly. You can use it to maintain your bank statements, office presentations, store images to many more. This is a universal format that means you can be able to use it on any device whether windows 10 or windows 8. After the COVID 19 situation, there are so many things that you need to do digitally. As per the record for 2021 and 2022, the pdf file format is the most used digital platform. It will keep your documents intact and maintain the document quality as well. ## Which file format is better? Though you can use both jpg and pdf file formats, there are some fundamental differences are there. Now, if you want to know which one is better then pdf will provide you with higher quality than jpg. And most importantly, pdf is very effective and customisable at the same time. And you can manage your pdf file as you want to. Pdf is mainly larger than the jpg file format as it can able to display rich media content very properly. And jpg is primarily used for images whereas pdf can be used for every single thing. ![??24.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/24_7b105236c3.png) ## Conclusion So, the multi-purpose uses of pdf make it more desirable and you can able to convert any kind of file format to a pdf file. And this will help you to manage all of your documents very easily. WPS pdf tools provide you with some excellent service that will surely surprise you. All the options are very easy to use and this is one of the most highly recommendable software in the market now.
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