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Why Choose WPS Office to Convert Excel to PDF?

  • High Security

    We care about privacy. WPS PDF Converter can better protect the data in your Excel spreadsheets. Your files will be automatically deleted from our server after 1 hour.

  • High Compatibility

    WPS PDF Converter is compatible with almost all operating systems and is simple to view and share. Most devices and apps (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS) support viewing PDF files. You can use WPS PDF Converter to turn your Excel files (XLS,XLSX) into the most widely-used PDF format.

  • Strong Portability

    As the name suggests, PDF (Portable Document Format) files excel in their strong portability. Therefore, the converted spreadsheets still preserve all data, charts, and images of the original Excel file.

Excel to PDF Conversion FAQs

How do I convert Excel to PDF for free?

You can try WPS PDF Converter. It's free for trial.

1. Click Select File to upload your Excel file, or drag it directly to the editing area.

2. Wait for a few seconds and click Download to get your converted file.

How do I convert Excel to PDF without messing up format?

Try WPS PDF Converter. It allows you to preserve the original formatting. The fonts, colors, cell values, and other original formatting in your Excel files can be kept intact.

How do I convert Excel to PDF with all spreadsheets?

Use WPS Converter to convert Excel to PDF with ease. By default, all columns in the spreadsheet will be converted. You can also choose to merely export the current worksheet.

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