Splitting PDF

Splitting PDF

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Why Choose WPS Office to Split PDF Files?

  • High-quality Split

    Looking for a way to split PDF files without losing quality? WPS PDF Converter is what you need. The quality of the original file is not compromised by the split or extraction of PDF pages.

  • Cross-platform Collaboration

    Whether you are using your phone, computer or pad, whether you are online or offline, you can split your PDF files anytime and anywhere without the help of Adobe Acrobat. Operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux are supported.

  • Customized Page Extraction

    It is possible to extract multiple PDF pages based on your requirements. You can extract the important parts or remove the unwanted pages of a PDF file.

PDF Split FAQs

How do I split PDF files online?

1. Click Select File to upload your PDF file or drag it directly to the green editing area.

2. Wait for a few seconds and click Download to get your split pages.

How do I split PDF files into smaller PDF files?

The fastest way is to use the online WPS PDF splitter. Drag your PDF file into the purple box area and then you can choose to split and extract one or multiple PDF pages.

Is the PDF split feature free?

You can download the WPS Office offline version and use the free trial to split your PDF pages. It's easy and you can download the software within a few seconds.

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