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Why Choose WPS Office to Merge PDF Files?

  • Batch Merging

    WPS PDF Merger imposes no limit on the number of PDF files that can be imported. You can batch upload multiple PDF files at the same time and merge them into one in seconds.

  • No payment or installation required

    WPS PDF Merger offers a free trial. You can merge multiple PDF files in your browser without having to sign in or download the software.

  • Freely merge PDF files anytime, anywhere

    Merge PDF files anywhere with internet access. This tool works in web browsers and supports multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

PDF Merge FAQs

How to merge PDF files online:

1. To merge PDF files, click the Select File button to upload the PDF files.

2. Click the Merge button to merge PDF files into one.

3. Finally, you can save them to your Dropbox or download the PDF file in local.

How do I rearrange the order of pages when merging PDF files?

1. In the Merge PDF editing area, you can easily drag and drop pages to reorder them before merging PDF files.

2. WPS PDF Merger supports adding or removing files at any time. Click the Add File button to add a file. Click the Delete icon in the top right corner of the PDF page thumbnail to remove the file.

Can the merged files be safely stored?

Yes. Your PDF files will be permanently deleted from our server after one hour. No one has access to your files and privacy is 100% guaranteed. Your files are safe.

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  • How to Merge PDF on Mac in 2022: Best Methods
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    How to Merge PDF on Mac in 2022: Best Methods
    PDF is one of the best universally accessible documents, and It’s used nearly everywhere, from large corporations to hospitals, schools and even at home. If you feel your PDF documents are floating around in your Mac storage, Simply you can cement your PDFs into one to acquire a more organized virtual space. Want to know how to merge PDF on Mac? Combining multiple PDFs on Mac seems easy. By combining PDFs on Mac, You will avoid a lot of convenience along with saving storage and time. ## How to Merge PDF on Mac for Free using Wps Office WPS offices allow you to easily merge, split, edit and convert PDF documents offline. For efficient PDF processing WPS should be your priority. Combining multiple PDFs into one is a handy process in the WPS office. ### Steps on how to merge PDF on Mac using WPS office are given below Step 1: Open a PDF file in the WPS office. Step 2: After that, Click on the PAGE button and Select the MERGE PDF option. This option allows you to select multiple PDFs from your Mac storage. ![??2.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/2_595570a719.png) Step 3: Select the Multiple PDF files by Clicking the ADD FILES option at the top right of the screen. After Selecting all the PDF files, enter the OUTPUT NAME and tab the MERGE button. ![??3.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/3_f58d28f410.png) Step 4: This process merges your multiple PDF files into one on mac. ## How to Merge PDF on Mac Offline using Preview Preview is one of the best applications to perform simple PDF operations on Mac for free. It’s also valuable for editing images and signing documents. By using the Preview, you can easily combine multiple PDF files into one by following these steps: Step 1: Open a given PDF file on Mac. Step 2: Once the file is opened, Click on the VIEW MENU option at the top left of the screen and select the THUMBNAILS option. This makes you view your PDF files on the left sidebar. ![??4.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/4_95d66699c5.png) Step 3: Select the remaining PDF documents, Drag them and drop them at the bottom of the first PDF file. ![??5.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/5_da2fd8ae16.png) Step 4: Open the File Menu and select the EXPORT AS PDF option. ![??6.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/6_fb8afedc4c.png) Step 5: You will see your Merging files start downloading. ## Conclusion: Merging multiple PDF documents will save your time and Mac storage. And this is the organized way to keep your documents. Both methods are simple and easy, and you don’t need any technical exercise. But my opinion is the WPS office because WPS offers you other options such as editing, Manage and covert your PDF documents.
  • 4 Best Free PDF Merger Tools Online You Must Know about
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    4 Best Free PDF Merger Tools Online You Must Know about
      PDFs have become a popular way to store information and distribute it, but they are not always easy to work with. People around the globe need to use PDF documents for multiple reasons but it's quite daunting for them to find Free Pdf Merger Tool Online to fulfill their need to merge Pdf files.  But to help you get over this problem we are here with an amazing guide about free pdf merger tools that are reliable and easy to work with. All these free tools are user-friendly and work effectively. This list of Free Pdf Merger Tool Online will help you avoid wasting time and effort on this type of task. ## Check Out The List Of Free Pdf Merger Tool Online ### 1) WPS PDF The very first tool that I can tell you about is, the WPS Free Pdf Merger Tool Online. This is above all exceptional tool that allows you to merge your pdf documents free of cost. This tool follows simple steps. Have a look! 1-Go To https://pdf.wps.com/ ![image (32).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_32_83481b2bd0.png) 2-Select files from your drive or computer. ![image (33).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_33_890f7a4aa9.png) 3-Click On Merge. 4-After processing, the PDF documents will be merged. ![image (34).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_34_1c785e870b.png) 5-Download the files & you can use them.  ### 2) Zapier ![image (35).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_35_33125b32cb.png) Zapier is a powerful Free Pdf Merger Tool Online that allows users to connect various applications together in order to automate tasks. One of the ways Zapier can be used is by merging PDFs into a single document. This can be done by setting up a Zap (or automated workflow) that monitors a specific folder for new PDFs, then automatically merges them into one document and saves it to a designated location. This can be especially helpful when dealing with large volumes of scanned documents or receipts.     ### 3) Smallpdf ![image (36).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_36_83dc7d1b20.png) The Smallpdf pdf merger tool online is a great way to merge PDFs quickly and easily. Sometimes you may need to combine multiple PDFs into one document, and this is where the Smallpdf merger tool can come in handy. It's easy to use and fast, and you don't need to install any software on your computer. You can simply upload the files that you want to merge, and the tool will take care of the rest.   ### 4) ilovepdf ![image (37).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_37_d2a0d44c6a.png) iLovePDF is the best online PDF merger tool. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any downloads or installations. You can easily merge any number of PDF files into one document in just a few seconds. Plus, the resulting document will be of excellent quality, preserving all original formatting and layout. Give iLovePDF a try today!     By using one of these Pdf Merger Tool Online your time and energy will be safe and you can manage all your separate documents that should at one place and save them by merging them with these above-provided websites. WPS PDF merger is a powerful tool that enables users to merge multiple PDF files into one. It is a user-friendly application that is easy to navigate. The process of merging the files is simple and straightforward. WPS PDF merger is available as a free download. **Author Information** This article is written by Abubakar Bin Mukhtar. He has a background in content writing and social media marketing with 2 years of experience.
  • How to Use Free PDF Combiner Online?
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    How to Use Free PDF Combiner Online?
    PDFs are a common document type, but they can be difficult to work with. Often, you need to combine multiple PDFs into one file for easy access or editing. Free WPS PDF combiner online lets you merge PDF files into one document. You can add as many PDF files as you want to the queue and merge them in any order you like. The final merged document will have the same page layout and formatting as the original files. Fortunately, there are online tools that make this process quick and easy. In this article, I will show you how to use the WPS Free PDF combiner online tool. ## Steps To Use Free PDF Combiner Online PDF files are a popular way to share documents because they are cross-platform and can be read on any device. However, if you have several PDFs that you want to combine into one document, it can be difficult to do that without special software. That's where the WPS Free PDF Combiner Online comes in. This PDF Combiner Online tool lets you combine multiple PDFs into one document quickly and easily. You can also rearrange the pages of the PDFs however you want, and merge them into one file or split them into separate files. Plus, it's free to use! **How to use Free PDF Combiner Online** 1-Go To pdf.Wps.com. ![image (21).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_21_bfb175478b.png) 2-Upload Pdf Files by clicking on select files & click on merge. It’ll be processed in a few minutes.  ![image (22).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_22_bb6843a266.png) 3-After processing the screen will appear with the final merged file.  ![image (23).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_23_ac138a90a9.png) 4-Now you can download and use the file.  ## How To Use Free PDF Combiner Offline! 1-Open the WPS office online, and you’ll see a window appear like: ![image (24).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_24_99658fd0a7.png) 2-Click On The PDF option right after the presentation & You’ll see a new window. ![image (25).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_25_4fda285748.png) 3-Click On Merge PDF. It’ll be processed in a few minutes. ![image (26).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_26_0bbc91a9c8.png) 4-An SDK plugin will install & a window appears. ![image (27).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_27_9afcd2170b.png) 5-Click on PDF merger. ![image (28).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_28_de5b25bc58.png) 6-Click on add files Option to insert Pdf files from your drive or computer. ![image (29).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_29_1370333d72.png) 7-Choose Files, Input a name for a new file & Click on merge. ![image (30).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_30_63337c0311.png) 8-The file will be converted & you’ll see a directory folder. ![image (31).png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/image_31_8d742c3629.png) 9-Download the file & it is ready to use.  Note: You can use download or try to use WPS office pdf merger. Or you can directly go to pdf.wps.com to find out the best go-to function to combine pdf files. ## Wrap Up! PDF combiner is a great way to merge multiple PDF files into one document. It’s simple, fast, and easy to use. You can Free PDF Combiner Online, and the resulting file will have all the original pages in order.  This is an easy and quick way to combine your pdf files online with no interruption while maintaining the quality of a document. Using the WPS office will keep your document safe & Secure. Download the WPS desktop app to use more reliable & quick features for your work!
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