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How do PDF converters work?


First, select the PDF conversion feature(Convert to or from PDF)


Upload the files in the format you want to convert to the online PDF converter


Click the Download button to export the converted PDF files to your device

PDF to Word Conversion FAQS

How to convert word to pdf online?

1.First, select the PDF to Word feature.

2.Upload your file to our online PDF converter.

3.Click the Download button to export the converted PDF file to your device.

How to download pdf converter for free?

1.WPS Office is a powerful All-in-One Office Suite that helps you easily use PDF editing tools.

2. At the bottom of WPS PDF Converter page, click "Dowwnload App to work Offline", you can download WPS Office for free for PDF conversion.

3. Open WPS Office and you can use PDF Converter for free. Also unlock Word, Excel, PowerPoint tools.

How do I save a file as PDF on PDF Converter?

1. WPS Office is a powerful All-in-One office suite that supports PDF Converter.

2. Open WPS Office, click PDF Tools, select "Create PDF from the file".

3. Select the file you need to convert to PDF format, confirm the conversion, you can convert the file to PDF in a few seconds.

4. Click "Save", save the file.

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  • Free Download Free PDF Converter – PDFCandy - For All Your PDF Needs
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    Free Download Free PDF Converter – PDFCandy - For All Your PDF Needs

    Even though many pdf editors are widely available for free download, they rarely have advanced features. But by downloading the PdfCandy apk, you can convert pdf files to other file types for free online, such as doc or jpg, as well as combine, split and even open up password-protected pdf files. You can also convert documents, electronic books, and images to pdf. ## Why should you Download PdfCandy? With the PdfCandy available for free download, you don't have to worry about being unable to convert, split, or merge large or multiple files because there is no size restriction on pdf files. Additionally, OCR (optical character recognition) functionality allows you to edit documents and recognize text in scanned pdf. Converting pdf files to editable doc format is another fantastic feature of downloading the free version of the PdfCandy. By using data encryption uploading and downloading connections, PdfCandy ensures the safety of your documents. Users of PdfCandy can access content from multiple languages, including Spanish, English, Greek, Russian, Italian, and French, without needing to know English. These features made the application popular among many people who use and work with pdfs daily. ## Pdfcandy Free Desktop Version If you prefer not to do everything online, you can download the PdfCandy free desktop version. Therefore, by downloading PdfCandy, the 47 tools for generating, formatting, and converting pdf will be available on your computer or laptop for free. ![??19.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/19_ad13d1f2f6.png) Even so, the PdfCandy requires a few system specifications, beginning with the operating system on which it must run. Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 or 8.1, or Windows 10 must be installed on your computer. ## Download PdfCandy APK If you use an android mobile, you can easily access all the features mentioned above by downloading the pdfcandy apk to your phone. However, keep in mind that downloading the PdfCandy apk requires Android 4.0 or higher version devices. ### Download PdfCandy Premium Although it is free for download, there is a PdfCandy premium version that you must pay to access the fully immersive experience. For example, the free trial of PdfCandy restricts you to one conversion activity per hour. If you want more than the free trial version, you can register and download the PdfCandy premium, which costs $6 per month or $48 per year - only the web version. Related: [PDF Candy Download: Best Free PDF Editor ](https://pdf.wps.com/blog/pdf-candy-download-best-free-pdf-editor-post60/) ### Download Pdfcandy Pro There is also a lifetime plan available; downloading PdfCandy pro includes a desktop version and web access for $99. If you like the features of this pdf reader and editor, you can download it by clicking here. If you need to convert pdf to other formats regularly, downloading PdfCandy pro will come in handy! ## PdfCandy or WPS Pdf Tools – What is Good for You? WPS pdf tools, like the PdfCandy, provide a wide range of options for viewing, formatting, reading, and collaborating on pdf files online, merging pdf, splitting pdf, compressing pdf, and converting pdf files to word, excel, and ppt file formats. ![??20.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/20_2dbdfed177.png) You can easily use features like posting comments to pdfs, using OCR (optical character recognition), attaching watermarks, e-signs to pdfs, and pdf to image conversion by downloading WPS pdf for free on your desktop. WPS Office Premium is also available for a 7-day free trial. It is less expensive than PdfCandy ($3.99 for one month, $18.99 for six months, and $29.99 for a year), includes the pdf editor in addition to the writer, spreadsheet, and presentation, and works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. So, based on your needs, you can check out WPS pdf tools by clicking here if you think it would be more appropriate for you. After reading the comparison between the WPS tools and the PdfCandy applications, you will be able to recognize which one completes all your requirements more efficiently. After you determine that, you can use the links I have provided in this post to make your download. Written by: **Chanuka Geekiyanage** Chanuka, loving everything related to the technology industry, is a pro at writing different reviews. One such study of Chanuka is "how to download PdfCandy?" With this review, he explains the product's benefits and compares PdfCandy with the WPS office.
  • 2 Best PDF Converter Software: Free Download with Free Trial 2022
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    2 Best PDF Converter Software: Free Download with Free Trial 2022

    PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that's a uniform display opportunity across all operating systems. Therefore, it's considered the best digital form to share data across multiple platforms without worrying about how it seems to the end-users. PDF Converter is an application used to export different file formats to others. For example, you can convert DOC, PPT, or XML to PDF or vice versa. Word documents, PPT, or XML files are not much secure as these are editable configurations; at the same time, the formatting of these forms may disrupt the sharing process. Thus large businesses must convert files to a much more secure and non-editable format (PDF). That's the reason for exploded usage of PDF Converters. Many PDF editors are available with built-in converters, but the main flaw is that these are not free and require heavy subscriptions to unlock premium characteristics. We've covered you here , if you're looking for PDF Converter software with free trial. This post will discuss some of the PDF exporters that provide a free trial. ## Free Trial of PDF Converter By WPS Editor WPS (Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet) is a lightweight document editor that can convert WORD to PDF, PPT to PDF, XML to PDF, or vice versa. Its functions are not only limited to this. It can also edit, view, and create all types of files.WPS Office is a desktop application that provides a 7-day free trial with its 80+ premium features unlocked. This editor has key features of file security, multiple format support, and easy file editing. ![??8.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/8_4261c0b253.png) WPS PDF is the online version of the WPS editor, embellished with various tools, that provides a PDF converter with for 7 days free trial. The ball is in your hands whether you choose online or offline versions. ![??9.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/9_a80a1a4514.png) ## Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter : Free Trial Adobe Acrobat can conveniently convert DOC, DOCX, PPT, XLS, PNG, JPG, TSX, HTML, and many other files to PDF. It's a dedicated PDF editor that makes the conversion to other formats easy without compromising the quality and structure of the original file. Adobe offers expensive subscriptions, so most people avoid using its premium version. One of the bright sides of this software is that it provides a 7-day free trial to scan, print, merge or convert file formats. ![??10.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/10_d7fa3319b1.png) You can also try the online Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter with free trial to turn images, Microsoft Office, or HTML files into PDF. After the 7-day free trial, the subscription charges will be deducted from your attached payment method. If you don't want to be charged, then make sure to cancel the free trial before it ends. Click here to see our choices for top 5 best PDF converters for students: [Top 5 PDF Converters for Students in 2022 ](https://pdf.wps.com/blog/top-5-pdf-converters-for-students-in-2022-post525/) ## Final Words: Download Guide for WPS There's a myriad of PDF converter software in the market,that offer free trial , but the ones mention above are the most popular and easy to use. It's your turn to choose the one that's appropriate for you. Our recommendation is WPS Office as it's utilitarian in terms of functionalities with a user-friendly interface. It can view, edit, convert and create all types of files. So download WPS office software for windows for free or access its online WPS PDF editor.
  • WPS PDF - The Best Alternative of Smallpdf Converter for Free in 2022
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    WPS PDF - The Best Alternative of Smallpdf Converter for Free in 2022

    In 2022, where there are many jobs and businesses are transformed online where office documents work also become online and now you can do your document works on your mobile phone or desktop easily. Therefore, many pdf apps and software are coming with their outstanding features. Smallpdf is also one of them that has many features and high-quality tools which help you to work online fastly and easily. Smallpdf is all good application but it doesn’t perfect for all that’s why peoples look for an alternative. After searching a lot we found a great alternative to Smallpdf which is WPS PDF, read the below article to know about it. ## WPS PDF - Best Alternative to Smallpdf Converter: ![??26.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/26_3fa7118d5a.png) If you are looking for an alternative to Smallpdf Converter, know about the best and top alternative WPS PDF. It is the best ever application that you can use both online and offline as well as it provides numerous outstanding features free of cost. It meets your all requirements which you need to do for pdf document works and which you expect from any big and advanced software. It also provides in-app purchases, by purchasing its premium you can access unlimited features. Additionally, it makes your files and documents encrypted and gives powerful protection. You can search on google by typing “WPS PDF” to know more about it. ### Features: - Provides multiple conversion tools by which you can convert documents into another format like word, excel, PowerPoint, png, tiff, etc. - Transform your all excel data into pdf documents. - It helps to work with large files. - Create a batch, save and share documents in bulk at once. - Fill out forms in pdf documents. - No size limit to import and export documents - Use its camera to scan images and convert them into pdf documents. - It has a powerful OCR feature that recognizes your text fastly. - Highlight your text and sentences to remind mistakes. - Provides high quality and wonderful organization interface, by which you can organize your all documents work easily. ![??27.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/27_f118fdab8e.png) ### Specifications: - Version - 1.9.0 - Downloads - 1 Million+ - Requires Android - 5.0 and above - Released date - 2/oct/2018 - Developed by - WPS SOFTWARE PTE. LTD - Ratings - 4.4 ### Pros: - The best thing about it is conversion. It has a fantastic tool to convert pdf documents. - It provides various helping tools for editing pdf documents. - Prominent app for office and document works. ### Cons: The drawback of this application is it doesn’t run on low version android devices. ### What’s New: In its new update. It fixes some bugs for a good user experience Plus, makes a more lucrative and prominent user interface. Related: [WPS PDF Updates 2021 and 2022 ](https://pdf.wps.com/blog/wps-pdf-updates-2021-and-2022-post20/) ## Conclusion: Written by MaWriter, a professional article and blog writer, and expert writing on applications and software. Smallpdf is the best and most high-quality android application but in it, we found something missing that compels us to move to another application. WPS PDF is also the best android application that performs all pdf works effectively, you can download it easily on the play store.

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