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Reduce the size of your PDF files online using WPS PDF Compressor.

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Why Choose WPS Office to Compress PDF Files?

  • Multiple Compression Ratios

    WPS PDF Compressor supports 3 compression ratios (HD, Recommended, Smallest). You can choose one ratio based on your requirements to compress your file while maintaining high quality.

  • No Information Loss

    The compression process will not damage your files and your information will be preserved completely.

  • Advanced Compressor Options

    If you are looking for more advanced compressor options, you may use WPS Office for PC or our online application to make your PDF file smaller.

PDF Compression FAQs

How do I compress a large file to make it smaller online?

1. Click Select File to upload your PDF file or drag it directly to the editing area.

2. Choose one of the three compression methods (HD, Recommended, Smallest) for compression.

3. Wait for a few seconds and click Download to get your compressed file.

How do I know the size of a compressed file?

Select the WPS PDF online compression tool to effectively reduce the file size. The compressor will show you the size of the PDF file and how much it has reduced.

Is PDF file compression free?

Yes. WPS Office supports free PDF file compression online. You can also upgrade to a WPS Premium account or download WPS Office to experience more PDF editing features.

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  • How to Compress PDF in 2022: Easy Ways
    How To Tutorials ,

    How to Compress PDF in 2022: Easy Ways

    Compressing a PDF file is inevitable when we send a large file size via Social media. For that purpose, we have changed the original file size and made it small size. When we compress any PDF file our main concern is not to break any image quality with perfect stored data. There are hundreds of process present on the internet, and all vary in tools features, pricing, mechanisms, etc. All these mechanisms make users confused. So, here in this article, you will get familiar with easily accessible and well-known applications that are recommended for compressing PDF. ## Is This Online PDF Compression Tool Free? We never compromise with the tools when we are working for educational, professional, or personal duties. There are lots of different online free PDF converters and some may break your image quality, some may lose your stored file, and some may not give you the accurate compressor file size. now we see how our recommended online tools make your compression file with proper stored data and high image quality. ## Use WPS PDF tools to Reduce a File Size WPS PDF tools is an online PDF application processing tool. You can get all-in-one solutions from our latest WPS online features. We recommended WPS PDF tools because of their compressing image size quality and keeping the stored file safe. here I am going to show how easily we compress a PDF file Step1: Open our browser and straightly go to the WPS PDF tools online. Step2: Go to the compress option at the top of the bottom and choose the PDF file. ![??57.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/57_90969b45de.png) Step3: you can select the chosen file by dragging and dropping it into the compress box. ![??58.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/58_9b90da9415.png) Step4: Here we select recommended compress size and it's ready to start. ![??59.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/59_baa96fb88e.png) Step5: Now we can download and you can see the compression file size. it is so easy and soothing compression process. ![??60.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/60_1066063a0b.png) ## Utilize SODA PDF Compressor to Reduce the size Open SODA online pdf converter and choose a pdf file After selecting a large PDF file, we have two options for compressing the PDF files. ![??61.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/61_16e2e3be75.png) Here we select regular compression size and click compress file. ![??62.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/62_ed7daf681e.png) And now it is ready and we can now download the compressor file. ![??63.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/63_b14aeb3538.png) ## Using PDF2GO for Online PDF Compressor PDF2GO is an online PDF compressor file for any large PDF file. You can choose your PDF file from Google Drive, or Dropbox, or enter the URL of your PDF file. Select a large PDF file size from the computer or any browser. Press the START button to play compressing. ![??64.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/64_1b736cc1f8.png) ![??65.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/65_8b05d18bc2.png) In PDF2GO we can compress our PDF file under many formulas. Here we choose the Basic Compression by default option that reduces the medium file size and click the START button. ![??66.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/66_543f58e558.png) Looking for more ways to compress your PDF? Check here: [How to Compress PDF in Best Online and Offline Ways ](https://pdf.wps.com/blog/how-to-compress-pdf-in-best-online-and-offline-ways-post446/) ## Conclusion Compressing PDF files is a regular work duty because PDF is now used professionally by office, school, and university users. So we have to be very aware when we compress any pdf file from any online compress tools to make sure that no file is missing or scamming. WPS Office and WPS PDF ensure to compress any file from anywhere in a safe way. WPS PDF tools offer so many of the latest online features which makes them compatible with Microsoft Office. We can easily download WPS Office software with a 7days trial and enjoy the monthly, yearly premium subscription.
  • How to Compress PDF on iPhone on WPS Office
    How To Tutorials ,

    How to Compress PDF on iPhone on WPS Office

    If you have ever needed to send a large PDF file, you may have found that it is not always easy to do so. In fact, most email providers have a limit on the size of files that can be attached, which can make it difficult to send PDFs that are more than a few MB in size. The good news is that there are several ways to compress PDF files on your iPhone, which can make it much easier to email them or even store them in the cloud. In this article, we will show you how to compress PDF on iPhone in a few simple steps. ## 3 Steps on how to compress PDF on iPhone on WPS Office? As we all know, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is a versatile file format that can be used for a variety of purposes. In today’s digital world, PDFs are widely used for everything from personal documents to business reports. One of the great things about PDFs is that they can be easily shared and viewed on a variety of devices. However, one downside of PDFs is that they can be quite large, which can make them difficult to send via email or upload to online services. Fortunately, there are several ways to compress PDFs so that they are more manageable in size. In this article, we will show you how to compress PDFs on your iPhone so that you can easily share them with others. ### STEP 1: Open the PDF document and click on the 4-dot option to open the tools. ![??30.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/30_8a5607da42.png) ### STEP 2: Click on the File slimmer option to compress PDF files. ![??31.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/31_c24b810a94.png) ### STEP 3: Start reducing the size of your PDF as much as you want. ![??32.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/32_33407258ba.png) Compressing PDFs on WPS Office is very easy. Simply open the PDF you want to compress, click the “Compress” button in the “File” menu, and select the desired level of compression. WPS Office will then compress your PDF and save it as a new file. Related: [How to Compress PDF in Best Online and Offline Ways ](https://pdf.wps.com/blog/how-to-compress-pdf-in-best-online-and-offline-ways-post446/) ## Download WPS Office on the App Store of your iPhone If you're looking for a great office suite for your iPhone, look no further than WPS Office. WPS Office is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, office suite that has everything you need to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Best of all, it's available for free on the App Store. So, what are you waiting for? Download WPS Office today! Click on the link below to install the WPS Office. [Free download WPS Office Software for Windows with 7-day free trial right now! ](https://wdl1.pcfg.cache.wpscdn.com/wpsdl/wpsoffice/onlinesetup/distsrc/601.1042/wpsinst/wps_office_inst.exe)
  • How to Compress PDF on Windows 10 in 2022
    How To Tutorials ,

    How to Compress PDF on Windows 10 in 2022

    Sometimes while working with a document we often need to compress the file so that we can easily share it with any tools. While attaching a file with our email we find a notification about the file that it is too large. For that, we need to compress the file to reduce the size and space of the file without changing the information inside the file. Compressing a PDF comes with various advantages like it makes your file compatible to access. On the contrary, it takes up low space in your drive and enables you with faster speed to send and download easily. On the whole, we can say that compressing a document makes the file flexible and accessible for sharing in a simple way. Not all the tools are capable of compressing PDF documents without changing the format and shape of the file. While compressing sometimes the file changes a little bit. Scroll down and find the best tool to compress PDF on Windows 10. ## 2 Methods to Compress PDF on Windows 10 in 2022 In the following, I have shared 2 quick and easy methods to compress PDF on windows 10 in 2022. Follow the instructions below- ### 1-Utilize WPS Office to Compress PDF WPS Office is a renowned software recommended as an alternative to Microsoft Office. With this great app, you can easily convert or compress your file in a blink of an eye. #### Steps: At the very beginning select your PDF file and double-click to open it in WPS Office software. ![??8.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/8_7056f3134e.png) Next, choose the “Compress” option from the “Tools” feature. ![??9.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/9_7fe2562131.png) Next, select your desired format from the list to compress according to file size. Thereafter, press “Compress” to continue. Finally, your PDF file will be compressed in a nice way. Save and download for further operation. ![??10.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/10_834f082dff.png) ### 2-Use PDFelement to Compress PDF Fortunately, we have another tool in the list to compress PDF on Windows 10. PDFelement is one of the best solutions to compress PDF files. #### Steps: Presently, choose your file and open it with PDFelement. ![??11.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/11_9710dda1ae.png) Moments later click the “Compress” feature from the “Tools” positioned in the top ribbon. In short, your compressed PDF file will be in your hands within seconds. Enjoy! ![??12.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/12_6fc5fe2dc8.png) Related: [How to Compress PDF in Best Online and Offline Ways ](https://pdf.wps.com/blog/how-to-compress-pdf-in-best-online-and-offline-ways-post446/) ## Conclusion Before finishing I would recommend using the WPS Office Software for your conversion and editing documents work. To sum up, this is the best tool to increase your productivity with any type of work. Below you can download the free 7-day trial version. Hope you liked my article. Thanks! [Free Download WPS Office Software](https://wdl1.pcfg.cache.wpscdn.com/wpsdl/wpsoffice/onlinesetup/distsrc/601.1042/wpsinst/wps_office_inst.exe)
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