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Reduce the size of your PDF files online using WPS PDF Compressor.

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Why Choose WPS Office to Compress PDF Files?

  • Multiple Compression Ratios

    WPS PDF Compressor supports 3 compression ratios (HD, Recommended, Smallest). You can choose one ratio based on your requirements to compress your file while maintaining high quality.

  • No Information Loss

    The compression process will not damage your files and your information will be preserved completely.

  • Advanced Compressor Options

    If you are looking for more advanced compressor options, you may use WPS Office for PC or our online application to make your PDF file smaller.

PDF Compression FAQs

How do I compress a large file to make it smaller online?

1. Click Select File to upload your PDF file or drag it directly to the editing area.

2. Choose one of the three compression methods (HD, Recommended, Smallest) for compression.

3. Wait for a few seconds and click Download to get your compressed file.

How do I know the size of a compressed file?

Select the WPS PDF online compression tool to effectively reduce the file size. The compressor will show you the size of the PDF file and how much it has reduced.

Is PDF file compression free?

Yes. WPS Office supports free PDF file compression online. You can also upgrade to a WPS Premium account or download WPS Office to experience more PDF editing features.

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    This shows you how to save an AutoCAD drawing as a printable PDF that can be distributed widely. The best approach to export your drawing to PDF if you have AutoCAD installed on your computer is from within the program itself. If you don't have AutoCAD, you can convert the DWG file to the PDF format online using a service like CloudConvert. For producing 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting, the popular Autodesk program AutoCAD is used by architects, interior designers, engineers, graphic designers, and others. It was first made available as a desktop application in 1982, and in 2010 AutoCAD 360 introduced cloud-based and mobile online versions. The file format of AutoCAD is DWG, which often needs to be converted to PDF for easy sharing. ## Steps to Convert AutoCAD to PDF Step 1 Click the layout tab. It's near the bottom-left corner of the drawing area.[1] This method will save a single-layout drawing to a 1-page PDF file. ![??2.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/2_8e3465f009.png) Step 2 Click the Output tab. It's at the top of the screen. ![??3.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/3_1ea74650d6.png) Step 3 Click Plot. It's on the Plot panel at the top of AutoCAD. ![??4.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/4_67a8373999.png) Step 4 Select a PDF preset. The options are listed in the "Printer/Plotter" section in the "Name" menu. There are several PDF options from which to choose, each optimized for different purposes. ![??5.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/5_df87e61aa1.png) For example, if you want your PDF to be optimized for high-quality printing, you'd choose AutoCAD PDF (High Quality Print).pc3.[ Step 5 Select your preferences. Double-check the plot area, plot scale, orientation, and paper size that were automatically generated, and make any changes as necessary. ![??6.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/6_c45828b2cc.png) Step 6 Click OK. It's at the bottom-center part of the window. ![??7.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/7_223d3106a1.png) Step 7 Select a file name and location. Choose the folder in which you want to save the PDF file, and enter a file name for the resulting file. ![??8.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/8_16f76f400a.png) Step 8 Click Save. This saves your new PDF file to the selected folder. ![??9.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/9_374918141f.png) ## Conclusion WPS Office PDF Editor is one of the best PDF converters and editors on the Internet. It is very easy to edit your PDF files using this program. The advantages of WPS Office are as follows: - You can redact or remove sensitive content as needed - You can compress PDFs without affecting the quality of the documents - You can also add bookmarks and hyperlinks to PDF documents to save time when searching through lengthy documents - You can create a new PDF after extracting pages - You can use digital signatures to sign official documents - To prevent unauthorized users from accessing your CAD file, you can secure them with a password
  • How to Free Remove Watermark from PDF
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    How to Free Remove Watermark from PDF
    Adobe Inc. invented and popularized the PDF, a flexible document file format. They are two of the most extensively used document formats, along with Microsoft Word. You can accomplish a lot with PDFs if you have the correct tools. Among other things, you can combine, convert, compress, resize, trim, split, rotate, and (un)lock PDFs. The best part is that you can do all of these for nothing. First, we'll provide two free ways to remove the watermark from a PDF. You must convert PDF to Word for both options before removing the watermark from Word. EasePDF's online PDF to Word converter or Word itself are both options. ## Steps to Free Remove Watermark from PDF Every PDF user can convert, edit, create, watermark, merge, and compress PDFs using the free EasePDF web platform. You can use EasePDF on any device, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, because it is cross-platform compatible. Users can convert and modify PDFs using an open-source service provided by EasePDF. The first step in removing the watermark from a PDF is to convert the file to Word using EasePDF. This is the best way to carry out the other steps. Step 1.  Upload a PDF to Word with EasePDF. As previously noted, you must change the PDF into a Word document in order to remove the watermark. Consequently, you must access "PDF to Word" from the EasePDF webpage. The PDF file can then be uploaded to the converter by clicking the "Add File(s)" icon. ![??65.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/65_7c2e364859.png) Step 2.  Download and convert a PDF file. A "Convert" icon to convert the PDF to Word will show after the PDF file has been uploaded. When the "Download" button appears, click it to save the converted Word file to your device. ![??66.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/66_0afe668eeb.png) Step 3.  Delete the watermark. When you got the Word document, open it using a word processing program like Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Google Docs, WPS, etc. You can delete the watermark by clicking directly on it and pressing the "Delete" key on your keyboard. ![??67.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/67_f598b7aff5.png) If there are watermarks on every page, just go to "Design" > "Watermark" > "Remove Watermark". For Word 2007 or 2010, choose "Page Layout" > "Watermark" > "Remove Watermark". ![??68.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/68_f34ec4bf6b.png) ## Conclusion You can go ahead and remove the watermarks from your PDFs if you no longer require them now that you know how to do so for free online using WPS Office. However, be careful not to violate anyone's copyright, and make sure you only remove watermarks from PDFs that you either developed yourself or have permission to change. Downloading WPS Office gives you access to a wide range of PDF editing features, including the ability to add and remove watermarks. On a Windows or Mac computer, you can edit PDF files with WPS Office.
  • 2 Best Free PDF Compressor Online
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    2 Best Free PDF Compressor Online
    While the pdf document remains one of the best documents while sharing files, it has its limitations especially when it comes to large documents. reducing the size of large pdf documents makes it very efficient when sharing and transferring between devices. Reducing the size is the work of a pdf compressor. For you to transfer and share pdf files efficiently therefore, you need to find a free pdf compressor online. This article discusses some of the things you need to know about the pdf compressor as well as some of the best pdf compressors available for use. ## Why Compress Pdf Online There are many reasons why you should use free pdf compressor online tools such as the WPS pdf compressor and iLovePDF among others. Here are a few reasons. - There are many such tools The web has very many free pdf compressor online tools, unlike the few apps that offer such services offline. It is, therefore, more convenient and easier to find and use such tools. - Most tools are free Some of the best pdf compressors available online indeed require a subscription fee. However, there are still many others that are free and available to use anytime. With most applications, on the other hand, compressing pdf will require that you buy a premium account. - Multi-device compatibility Free online pdf compressor tools are browser-based applications and will work on any device regardless of its operating system. - Save space and time Online pdf compressor tools require no installations to be done. Therefore, a lot of space is saved. Furthermore, you get to save on time since you can do the pdf compression anywhere anytime. There is no need to rush to your office and use your PC when you have a mobile phone with you. ## Setbacks Of Using Online Pdf Compressors Online pdf compressors have their disadvantages too. These include: - They require you to have a good internet connection. People in remote areas where the internet may be problematic may not have access to such services - Most free pdf compressor online tools limit the size of the pdf and therefore may not help you much compared to compressing your file using an application - Security and safety of your document are also at risk. A few PDF compressor tools have tried to counter this but are still not efficient enough. ## The WPS Pdf Compressor This is one of the best free pdf compressor online tools. ### How To Compress Pdf Using WPS PDF Compressor To reduce the size of your PDF online, here are the steps to follow: Step1: Visit the WPS PDF website and click the ‘Compress PDF’ tool ![??31.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/31_fa13796314.png) Step2: in the next screen that appears, click on ‘Select PDF’ and upload your pdf ![??32.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/32_cafdc41e90.png) Step3: wait for the upload to finish and select your preferred compressions ratio Step4: click on ‘Compress’ to compress your pdf Step5: download your compressed document ### Why You Should Choose WPS PDF Compressor The WPS free pdf compressor online tool is the recommended tool you should use because: The multiple compression ratios allow you to customize your document well The compressor protects every information originally in your pdf so you don’t end up losing sensitive information The tool is free. You don’t need to pay anything to access and use the WPS pdf compressor ## Ilovepdf Compressor ![??33.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/33_c86051212c.png) Another popular free pdf compressor online tool is the iLovePDF compressor. It allows you to get files not only from your local storage on your device but also from cloud storage. ### How To Compress Pdf Using Ilovepdf iLovePDF has a simple user interface making it easier to use. Here are the steps to follow to compress a pdf file: step1: visit the iLovePDF official site on the web step2: click on ‘Compress PDF’ and then ‘Select PDF File’ ![??34.png](https://wpsstrapicms.cache.wpscdn.com/34_c6bf4034d3.png) step3: import your file from the storage of your choice and then choose the compression level. Step4: click on ‘Compress PDF’ and wait for the process to end Step5: click on ‘Download’ to get your compressed pdf Many other free pdf compressor online tools exist but these 2 are the most popular and among the best. To use the WPS PDF compressor and other tools, visit the website https://pdf.wps.com. You can also download the WPS office here.
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