Signing PDF

Signing PDF

Create your own e-signature in PDF files online and keep your signature safe.

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Why Choose WPS Office to Sign PDF Files?

  • 3 Types of PDF Signatures

    You can use WPS PDF editor to sign a PDF file with 3 types of e-signatures, including draw, text, and image, so you can sign and fill out PDF files online as you like.

  • Smoothly Sign Your PDF File with An E-Signature

    You can add a signature to a PDF file online. Supported by multiple cloud servers, the whole process of adding signatures to PDF files can be surprisingly simple and smooth.

  • Trusted and Widely-Used E-Signatures

    It is safe to use WPS electronic signatures. Your PDF file and signature will be deleted from our server after one hour. Privacy is 100% guaranteed.

PDF Signature FAQs

How do I create an e-signature online?

1. Click Select File to upload your PDF file or directly drag it to the editing area.

2. Click New Signature to create your own e-signature.

3. Choose one of the 3 types of PDF signatures (Draw, Text, Image) to create a new signature.

4. Click Save to get the signature.

5. Adjust the size, position, and orientation of the signature in a PDF file.

How do I insert an e-signature in PDF files without downloading the software?

The WPS online PDF editor is compatible with multiple platforms. As long as you have access to network, you can sign your PDF files online without installing any software.

Digital signatures vs. e-signatures: what is the difference?

A digital signature is a type of e-signatures. However, the e-signature is an image placed on a document, while the digital signature contains a secure code that links the "fingerprint" of the document to your identity, and therefore, it is more secure than an e-signature.

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