A Step-by-step Guide about How to Rotate Image in PDF

July 31, 2023929 views

Are you getting a PDF with images in the wrong direction? Then this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial we are going to explore the powerful features of the Free WPS office 2022 . Using this app you can learn how to rotate image in PDF in simple and easy ways.

How to rotate image in pdf using WPS Office?

The following steps will help you to rotate images in pdf using WPS Office offline. Let’s look at the procedure of how to rotate image in PDF using WPS Office.

1-First, you need to visit the website www.wps.com to download 2022 free best WPS Office:


2-Now, click the free Download button to download the most efficient tool WPS Office to edit pdfs.

3-After downloading, install the Free WPS office 2022 tool and launch it on your device and enjoy the features of the Free WPS office 2022.


4-Now, click on PDF and it will open the dialogue as shown below:


5-Now, click on OPEN PDF to get access to your pdf file on your computer which you want to edit.


6-Now, you can open the pdf in this tool and you can now rotate the image by clicking on the edit button:


7-Now, you can see the Image properties on the right side and from there you can rotate the image just by clicking on the rotate button:


8-Also you can place the cursor on the image and rotate it in the direction you want as shown in the below picture. And see, it was so simple to learn about How to Rotate Image in PDF.


9-If you want to get to know more about the features of this tool WPS Office, you just need to search on the internet regarding Free WPS office 2022 tool and you will get the link to download it for free. Using this tool, you can enjoy all the features regarding all types of documents like word, pdf, excel, presentation, etc.

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