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Since the ability to edit pdfs is often crucial to organizations, having a limited pdf editor is a major bottleneck that can slow down even the most streamlined processes. You can avoid all that and more using the Foxit pdf editor download online, making changes to an existing file simple. No more fixing one bug in the original program, exporting as a pdf, to find another problem afterward.

A streamlined, simple-to-use interface

The interface is straightforward, with a bar across the top housing options like "Edit," "Convert," "Protect," and "Share" that correspond to distinct parts of the task at hand.

If you select one, the row of icons just beneath it will reorganize to give you the options you need to carry out that specific task. The interface is well-designed, only revealing its features as they are required. If you seek something less daunting, Foxit pdf editor could be an excellent replacement for Adobe Acrobat.

The app's 'Tool Wizards,' accessible via the menu in the app's center (where the pdf file would normally be shown), are also available to new users.

Similar in complexity to using a standard word processor

If you need to make edits to an existing pdf, go to the "Edit" tab, which is chosen by default whenever you open a document.

Your pdf will be broken into individual text boxes that can be selected, rearranged, and enlarged. As the size of one is changed, the text it contains will reflow mechanically. When you change the information in these boxes, the same thing occurs.

The document's main body is likely to be broken up into numerous text boxes, which can be annoying when editing because content won't flow from one box to the next. But with Foxit's "Link & Join Text" function, the issue is now moot.

Select it, then (in the correct order) click the squares whose contents you want to link. Now that you've finished, you can return to editing and continue to write, usually within the brackets.

For working with text, you get the standard fare of what you'd get in any modern word processor. Modify the font's size, color, and alignment and how it appears on the page. Character, line, paragraph spacing, and character scale are all modifiable, as are the more common formatting options like bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough.

Foxit pdf editor online download provides nearly all the features you'll require to perform the necessary modifications. There is even an in-built spellchecker.

Both WPS Office and Foxit pdf editor provide a variety of assistance choices.


WPS Office's Business and Enterprise plans come with a dedicated support representative, among other perks. Those who prefer to solve their problems on their own time can take advantage of the many self-service resources available, such as an accessible knowledge base and detailed user guides for free.

Users can visit the WPS Academy to learn about new features, post questions for other users to answer, and provide feedback on how to better the WPS Office product for free. The Knowledge Base has many articles that answer frequently asked questions and walk you through common product use cases, workflows, and known difficulties. There are many helpful articles in the WPS Office pdf Pro manual. Tutorial videos, written guides, and visual aids like screenshots make it easy for anyone to use WPS Office for free.

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