How Can You Add Page Numbers in PDF on Mac Devices? A Complete Guide

July 31, 2023776 views

Despite the fact that PDF files are widely used for document distribution and storage, there are times when it is necessary to combine multiple PDF files. In this post, we will discuss the complete guide on how to add page numbers with different tools. Also which tool is more reliable for future use?

Importance of Adding Page Numbers in PDF

Adding page numbers to a PDF document improves organization and demonstrates professionalism. Working with PDFs will be considerably easier if you pay attention to detail. Page numbers make it easier for you and anyone else who may print your document to create a printed PDF. They also make it easier to refer to a certain section of your document in a dialogue or written correspondence. Learn how to add page numbers to a PDF to improve your organization and productivity.

How to Add Page Number in Mac Using Adobe

If you add page numbers in your PDFs make them more organized and make them more presentable. Using a page number helps you to only read specific data without time wasting and changing the pages or confusing. This editing is important when you are adding more pages to your document.

It is easier to navigate the data on the page number instead of finding data manually, it may waste your precious time. So, it is simpler to send a reader to page four, for example, rather than informing them where you have placed this exact page in the text. There are several methods for adding page numbers to a PDF. Here we step to add page numbers through Adobe on Mac.

  • Launch Preview to view your PDF.

  • Choose the "Show Markup Toolbar" option. It looks like a toolbox and is located in the upper right corner.

  • Add a textbox by selecting the option.

  • Place the PDF where you want the page numbers and manually add them to each page to add your page numbers.

If you want to add a page number Adobe does its job very well you can use adobe online.

How to Add Page Number Using PDFelements On Mac

Now that we've shown that you can add page numbers to PDFs on Mac, including mac, as well as perform a number of other actions, check out the instructions on how to add page numbers to PDFs using Mac below.

  • To open a PDF document, launch PDFelement and drag it into the program window.

  • On the top column, click the "Tool" button.

  • Locate the "Add or Modify Header & Footer" tool, and more options will display for you to configure.

  • To review the "Create" option, click the "Add Header & Footer" button on the toolbar.

  • When you click "Create," a popup titled "Create Header & Footer Template" will appear.

  • In the new box, you may select "Insert Page Number" as the format and customize the layout and text

Adding pages to a PDF document is available on both desktop and mobile devices, and depending on the operating system, you have a few options. The most practical option for desktop PCs running Mac is to use PDF editing software such as WPS Office. There are several apps for Android and iOS mobile devices that allow you to add pages to a PDF document. But the WPS Office is the most reliable and secure to use on a Mac

How to Add Page Number Using WPS Office On Mac

By using WPS Office, adding page numbers is not a big issue.

  • Open the file in WPS Office.

  • Click the Page Number icon on the Insert tab, then Page Number.

  • Choose a location and then an alignment style. Except for specific title pages, Word automatically numbers each page.

  • To alter the numbering style, go to the navigation bar, add pages, and then click on the head/footer option.

  • Now press the OK button.

WPS Office is always reliable for any function and feature as it is not only used for adding page numbers but also useful for many purposes like converting files.

Can You Use WPS Office for Converting Files?

Many people use and prefer the PDF format for their files because of their compatibility. WPS is one of the best PDF converters for super-fast, and high-quality outcomes to PDF to Word. This could be the PDF Converter you've been looking for, with features like Split-Merge PDF Pages, bulk exporting ability, and a number of text formats to convert into.

  • In the WPS Office program, select the PDF to Word tool, or go to the WPS PDF Tools area

  • Then click PDF To Word.

  • Drag your PDF into the landing zone. Instead, you can access the PDF file from your local file store by clicking on upload / select file.

  • Once the PDF file has been submitted, click the convert button. After a few seconds, it will be converted to a Word document.

  • You can now download an online converter by clicking the download button if you're using one.

  • If you convert it to Word format using an offline tool in WPS Office, it will open for preview after being converted.

Now you must be wondering if I should download it and get a free version of the WPS Office.

Get the WPS Office for Free

You can get additional pages or convert files by using various straightforward ways to get them. While certain solutions may require some specialist expertise, using WPS Office software provides a straightforward and practical solution. Users can try WPS Office for free, merge PDF files online, and upgrade to gain access to more advanced features. By merging PDF files, by changing their formats, adding pages into the PDF Format, and getting free templates,  with WPS Office, users can focus on their current tasks while saving time and effort. We strongly recommend downloading WPS Office for a trouble-free PDF combining experience. You can get more features by getting their paid version. These all features are not only available on Windows but also on Mac, Android, and iOS users can also avail as well.

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