How to Convert Word Documents to PDF

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Word and PDF are the most common file formats when it comes to text documents. These files usually end with ".doc.", ".docx.", and ".pdf.".

Both file types are used in corporate, business, and academic settings. However, PDF files are usually preferred for more formal documents. We will be showing you how to convert your word documents into the PDF format.

How to Use "Save As" to Convert Word to PDF with WPS Office

One way to convert your document is to directly save it as a PDF file using a writing program like WPS Office. Here's what to do:

  1. Open the WPS Office program.

  2. Under Home, open the word document file. You can do this using the Open button.

  3. Once you are in the Writer interface, go to the File tab.

  4. Click Save As.

  5. Select PDF from the file format list.

  6. Finalize your file name and location.

  7. Click Save.

How to Use "Export" to Convert Word to PDF with WPS Office

Exporting your Word document as a PDF file is another method you can use. The term "export" may appear intimidating, but it is a beginner-friendly process. Follow these steps below:

1. Launch WPS Office.

2. Open the word document you want exported.

3. Click Menu.

4. Select Export PDF.

5. Double check your document.

6. Fill in the Export Page.

7. Set your file location.

8. Click Export to PDF.

Using Tips: How to Convert Word Files to PDF Online with WPS PDF Tools

If you're not looking to use a program on your computer and simply want to convert a single file, you may consider WPS' official website to help you. To use the WPS PDF to Word Converter, follow these steps:.

1. Go to the page for converting Word to PDF.

2. Click Select Word File.

3. Choose the document you want to convert.

4. Wait for the process to finish.

5. Download and save your converted file.

Using Tips: Benefits of PDF Files

PDF is a universal file type that is compatible with most mainstream viewing programs. It is widely used for important documents, reports, and even assignments. Here are some examples where a PDF file will really shine through:

Print material. PDF prints the same quality as what you see on screen, making it the ideal format for printed work from documents to marketing materials.

Online content. PDF easily retains the format and layout of its contents, which makes it a good choice during the transfer of files. It is also preferred when posting online content.

Confidential files. The protection function of PDF files paired with its small file size when compressed is preferred when moving and/or archiving confidential information.

Forms and contracts. It looks great when printed and is easy to use when you need to replicate the same type and format of data. Documents produced and distributed in large batches and ones that need to be filled in are usually kept in the PDF format.

FAQs on How to Convert Word Documents to PDF

Where can I find the templates for WPS Office?

Templates can be found in the WPS library. Visit the WPS website to see their list of free and premium templates.

Is PDF better than Word?

It depends on the purpose. PDF has better print quality while word documents are easier to edit.

Can I edit my PDF document?

Yes, but there are less tools you can use compared to word editing programs. You may want to do your editing with your word document first before saving it as a PDF file.

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Word and PDF are two similar but also very different file formats. However, converting one into the other is easier than you think.

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