How to Remove Images from PDF on iPhone for Free with PDF Expert

July 31, 2023799 views

Removing images from pdf is doesn’t possible because the pdf format is not editable and you can’t do any changes in pdf. But no problem, nowadays many applications, and software are available which help you to remove images from pdf easily and also with these programs you can make other changes in pdf documents easily. If you are using iPhone and want to remove images from pdf, this article is best for you, read it and get the solution.

Remove Images from Pdf on iPhone with PDF Expert:

PDF Expert is a wonderful all in one pdf editor tool that is available for Mac, Android, and iPhone, it helps you to do multiple pdf works fastly with good quality. It has numerous tools such as pdf annotator, scanner, viewer, reader, etc, and also it has the pdf editor tool which is the best of it all tools and helps you to work with high quality. Here you will know how to use its editor tools to remove images from pdf.


  • The first thing is open Pdf Expert and then open the pdf file in which you want to remove images.
  • Then select “Edit” at the top bar.
  • Tap the image you want to remove.
  • A new popup window will open, there you will have multiple options like Rotate, Copy, Crop, Flip, and Delete.
  • Click on “Delete”, and then your image will be removed.
  • By following this pattern, you can remove all the images and make your document image-free.

If you Don't Have PDF Expert You Can Use WPS Office:


WPS Office is a software that is generally known as an office suite. It has four high-quality office programs Writer, Spreadsheet, PDF, and Presentation. Also, it provides multiple office document work tools such as pdf, converter, editor, reader, annotator, and many others. Plus, the users of WPS can use its high-quality OCR function which is mainly used for transforming images into pdf. It completely provides you best and if you want another pdf editor tool besides Pdf Expert, it is best for you.

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Final Words:

This article is written by MaWriter, a writer who has much experience with pdf tools and has written multiple articles related to pdf applications and software. PDF Expert provides the best pdf editor tool by which you can easily remove images from pdf, but it doesn't meet some of the requirements, and if you want to use the evergreen and handy pdf editor tool, choose WPS Office. It is the best and most suitable for all devices, and also if you Download WPS Office now you can get the 7-day free trial without using a credit card.

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