The Best PDF Splitter is Here – The PDF Xchange

July 31, 2023685 views

When a pdf document is bulky or has way too many pages to our liking, we sometimes have to split these files into separate files. Sometimes splitting helps us to extract important information from a document and save it separately for easy use.

While there are many pdf editing online/offline tools, the pdf Xchange is one of the best editors you can employ to get this task done. The mechanisms of this editor are easily accessible and quick, making it one of the desired editors found online.

Why Choose PDF Xchange As Your PDF Splitter?

1.Easy to split even huge documents

The Pdf Xchange is designed with comfortability and accessibility in mind. Therefore, every big and small process will be quickly and efficiently done within a moment without hassle.

2.Review the partitions before splitting

You can review how the document will be split after the process. You can choose the point and the number of partitions as you like.

3.Convert and split

If your pdf document is in any other format, such as .doc, .pptx, etc., you can first convert the file into pdf and then split it. You don’t have to go into much hassle in a long process.

The splitter tool is available only in the pro versions of Pdf Xchange, such as Pdf Editor. The subscription fee for these starts at $56 per year. You can subscribe to a package and download the app to your device. You may download this for mobile, Pc or on any current versions of Windows.

But it is imperative to keep in mind that Pdf Xchange is only an offline tool and doesn’t have any online availability, such as a web editor. So, to use this service, you must always have it installed on your local device.

WPS Office or PDF Xchange

7 Days Trial WPS OfficeDownload Now

WPS is much similar to MS Office but will only cost you a fraction of the amount that MS Office or Pdf Xchange may invoice you.

The easy UI, the few-click splitter and other essential tools will help get your work done much more efficiently; not to mention the 7-day free trial which doesnt ask your private card details. And should we mention the significantly lower prices in subscriptions?

So we recommend you consider the WPS office before settling for any other Pdf Editor.

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