Top 3 Best Free Pdf Signer Online Tools

July 27, 2022 |

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Top 3 Best Free Pdf Signer Online Tools
In this article, you will learn:
  1. Why e-signatures?

  2. Top 3 Best Free Pdf Signer Online Tools

To save on time and paper, professionals, students, and practically everyone is turning toward e-signatures. To facilitate this process, many free pdf signer online tools have cropped up. However, not all of them are worth using and only a few will help you create high-quality secure e-signatures. This article discusses some important things to consider when using these tools and also highlights some of the greatest available pdf signer tools

Why e-signatures?

In recent times, e-signatures have become quite common. People are no longer considering them as irrelevant as they used to be a few years ago. The reasons why there is a certain approval of e-signatures by the masses might include:

  • Time-saving

People are no longer required to print a document, and send it around for everyone to sign before returning it to the owner. One can simply use a free pdf signer online tool, access the pdf form, sign, and send it back without much time being wasted

  • Secure

Although still a little controversial, most pdf online signing tools are secure when using them. Some will automatically delete your document within an hour of uploading so that it does not end up in the wrong hands.

  • Easy to use

Using pdf signer tools is way easier. Some pdf signer tools like the WPS PDF signer allow you to store your signature once created which will automatically get pasted on your document when you want to sign.

Top 3 Best Free Pdf Signer Online Tools

The web is full of pdf signer tools and finding the right one is not a walk in the park. Fortunately, we have compiled some of the best pdf signer tools that are commonly used and accepted by many people.

1)WPS Pdf Signer

WPS Office and WPS PDF have great pdf tools that professionals like to use. One such great tool is the pdf signer. This is our number one recommended pdf signer tool. You can easily use this tool as shown in the steps below:

Step1: visit the website to use the online signer or download the WPS Office app.


Step2: Open your document in the app or upload it on the online tool.


Step3: click on ‘Insert’ then ‘Sign’ and finally ‘Create signature’

Step4: you will get a pop-up page where you are supposed to draw your signature. Draw your signature and press ‘OK’

Step5: adjust your signature to fit in the location on your document where you are required to sign

Why Use WPS Pdf Signer?

The WPS pdf signer is the best signer to use because it is easy, free, and readily accessible. The software is also compatible with all your devices and browsers and has versions for all operating systems.

2)PDF Filler

PDF Filler is also a popular online pdf signer just like the WPS pdf signer. The tool also supports other document formats such as PowerPoint and Word documents. it does not require you to have the document ready on your device since you can get the document from your cloud storage tools or even use a URL to get the document. Below are steps to suing PDF Filler:

Step1: upload your pdf document or use a URL to your document to PDF Filler

Step2:click on the ‘Sign’ button in the top pane


Step3: Type in or upload an image of your signature.

Step4: adjust the signature accordingly so that it fits in the appropriate space on the page.

This free pdf signer online tool is also as good as the WPS pdf signer and one can use it. It may be however a little challenging to beginners because of the complicated interface.

3)Smallpdf PDF e-Sign


finally, this is another popular free online PDF signer tool. It allows you to save your signed pdf on the cloud and also do some conversions on the document. It works similarly to the PDF filler above. However, you can use your camera to capture your signature, unlike the above signers.

These are the free pdf singer online tools that you should try out, especially the WPS pdf signer. They are the most secure and easiest to use. To download the WPS office and also use online pdf tools, visit the website

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