What is PDF Cropper and How to Use it?

July 7, 2022 |

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What is PDF Cropper and How to Use it?
In this article, you will learn:
  1. What is pdf cropper and why to use WPS pdf cropper?

  2. How to use the WPS all-in-one pdf tool for cropping pdf?

  3. Conclusion:

Thinking about what is pdf cropper? Well, Pdf croppers are the tools to crop pdf just like the word document cropper or image croppers. Whenever we have to present and share the documents in a very handy and reliable way, we always think about Pdf. It's counted as one of the handiest and safe file formats to be shared worldwide.

No doubt it's very easy to deal with the pdf documents as far as the matter of reading and sharing documents is concerned, but unfortunately, we can't edit or crop the pdf documents conveniently. So, we have to rely on Pdf editors to edit the pdf and pdf croppers to crop the required part of the pdf. And here comes the role of pdf trimer, especially the WPS Pdf cropper tool. Now you must ask what is pdf cropper and which cropper is best? One of the handiest tools to crop the pdf is the WPS pdf tool. The WPS pdf cropper tool helps to edit, change, and merge pdf files along with the images and text included.

What is pdf cropper and why to use WPS pdf cropper?

Pdf cropper is used to trim, cut, and crop different portions of pdf. WPS PDF cropper tool is the build in cropping tool with an amazing option in WPS. You'll not find these facilities in other offices like word or docs. Nothing can beat its simple and user-friendly cropping interface.


  • Trim the white margins

  • Trim all undesirable portions

  • It helps you to resize the pdf of different sizes

  • Create a consistent tidy document

  • Its offers custom cropping

  • Its offers Auto-cropping

  • You can select some pages or all page

How to use the WPS all-in-one pdf tool for cropping pdf?

Now you know what is pdf cropper and its why to use it. As mentioned, this handy WPS pdf tool is very easy to use. So, let's discuss how to crop a pdf using the WPS pdf cropping tool.

Note: This feature is only available for premium users, so you must move towards the premium option before availing all these perks of the WPS all-in-one pdf tool.


Open any pdf document on WPS


Go to the "edit content" option. Multiple editing options will appear in front of you. You can also click on the "Page" option to get the crop option.

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Click "crop page". It will show four options Autocropping, Custom cropping, page Selecting, and Complete.

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Autocropping tool:

Crops the document automatically based on the content on that page. You can also manually drag the cursor to select the desired area of the page.

Custom cropping:

For more perfection, you can use custom options for a particular size and margin. It gives you the option to set its size and page manually. Select Lock aspect ratio to crop pdf pages in equal dimensions.

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Page Selecting:

This option allows you to decide how many pages you want to crop, or you may select all pages by choosing the all-pages option. You can also select even or odd pages to crop.

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After setting all the options, click complete to finalize the cropping process.


Here we go… We mentioned in detail what is pdf cropper and how you could use it. One of the all-in-one-pdf editing tools is WPS pdf cropper. You can automatically and manually crop the pdf according to the requirements and the number of pages that suits you. Download WPS to enjoy are all these amazing features.

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