WPS PDF VS SmallPDF | Which one is Better?

October 13, 2022 |

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WPS PDF VS SmallPDF | Which one is Better?
In this article, you will learn:

Both WPS PDF and SmallPDF are PDF editing apps, used to read, edit and convert PDFS. In this blog, we will go over a brief comparison: WPS PDF vs SmallPDF by covering their features and pricing.

About SmallPDF


Small PDF Pro is the pro version of the Small PDF program that enables for detailed and accessible PDF viewing, creation and editing, eSigning, and many other features. This program will help you with whatever you need to do with PDF files. You may generate, modify, review, protect, and convert handwritten documents (in many languages) to PDF documents using fully filled and finest optical character recognition (OCR). 

Small PDF Pro also streamlines in-app activities, allowing you to do tasks quickly and without the convoluted navigation seen in many rivals. As an alternative, you may use the WPS Office app to get the same functionality both offline and online. Small PDF Pro accelerates PDF processing by consolidating PDFs into a single searchable PDF, which can then be controlled and quickly accessed.

Features and Characteristics

Small PDF Pro is not free, but its basic edition is for those who only want to read and partially modify PDFs. To access full PDF editing capabilities such as PDF cropping, text editing, and table editing for free, you must download and subscribe to the pro plan and begin a free trial. Some of the key features of SmallPDF are;

  1. PDF reading and compressing

  2. Task progress tracking facility

  3. Full editing of PDF text

  4. Options to permit/restrict Documents Access

  5. Full access to markup PDF

  6. Merge and split PDF

  7. Charts and images Extraction from a PDF

  8. Mobile Signature Capture

  9. Supports Multiple Languages

  10. Multiple users can use at a time

  11. Offline availability of pro features


USD 9 per month for one user USD 108 annually for one user USD 7 per month for 2 to 14 users USD 84 annually for 2 to 14 users



Do you frequently work with PDF document files and don't know how to open them? If this is the case, you will want a PDF program to convert all types of documents to a format that every device can understand. WPS PDF can perform all of this offline as well as online via a Chrome plugin. Offline apps provide more independence than online ones. If you simply require an offline program for editing, merging, compressing, converting, and dividing PDFs, we recommend the WPS PDF app. WPS PDF software is substantially lower in size and has a reasonable converting speed.

WPS PDF will highly improve your working efficiency, click here to check out: WPS PDF with a Speedy Performance


  1. Eye-protection mode and dark mode for PDF reading

  2. Multi-tab reading and editing mode

  3. PDF viewer with Auto-rotation mode or horizontal mode

  4. View PDF documents in thumbnail mode

  5. Encrypt your PDF files with password protection

  6. Complete PDF editing

  7. PDFs may be merged, cropped, and divided.

  8. Collaboration of the Cloud Storage Team

  9. Compress file with maximum PDF quality

  10. Search for content in PDF documents

  11. Easily copy, annotate, bookmark, and share files

  12. Free PDF app download

  13. PDF printer allows you to easily print PDF files

  14. Free PDF viewer and editor

  15. Small wps app


WPS PDF Premium version starts from 18.99 dollars. Some prices are outlined below; $18.99 per one year $29.99 per one year.


WPS PDF and SmallPDF, both apps are pretty similar in nature. Both apps are free for basic editing and paid for advanced editing features. However WPS PDF got an edge when it comes to pricing, as WPS PDF is the cheapest premium PDF editor available in the market. Apart from this it is vastly used across the globe and provides updates on a regular basis. Download the WPS PDF now.

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