A Brief Guide About How to Save A Picture as A PDF

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PDFs are great for distributing media files. Sometimes, you want to save a picture as a PDF. Hence, storing images as PDFs is best, especially if you want to share the image files multiple times. You can save photos as PDFs on Mac, Windows and computers, as well as on your iPhone, iPad or android. This article will help you how to keep a picture as a PDF file.

1- How to Save A Picture as A PDF in Windows

Windows has a "Microsoft Print to PDF" tool for converting files into PDF formats. Follow these steps to use the tool to save a picture as a PDF on your PC.

  • Double-click the picture you want to convert to PDF. It'll open the file in the Photos app.

  • Press Ctrl + P to open the Windows print utility. In the top-right corner, choose the three-dot menu icon and select Print.

  • Expand the Printer drop-down menu and choose Microsoft Print to PDF.

  • Set the orientation of the resulting PDF. Afterwards, select Print to create a PDF document of the original image.

  • For the PDF, enter a file name and select Save.

2- How to Save A Picture as A PDF on iPhone and iPad

To Save A Picture As A PDF on an iPhone or iPad, you'll first save the picture to Photos and then use a shortcuts shortcut to Save A Picture As A PDF.

  • Firstly open Safari and access the page containing your photo. Tap and hold on to the photo and choose "Save Image." Then This will Save A Picture As A PDF in the photos app.

  • Now launch the App Store on your iPhone and download and install the free Apple shortcut app. Once it is installed, launch it.

  • In Shortcuts, create a new shortcut by tapping the "+" (plus) sign in the top-right corner.

  • Tap the "Search" box and type "Select Photos". Then select the entry with that name in the search results.

  • Again Select the "Search" box and type "Make PDF". Then select that item in the search results.

  • Again Tap the "Search" box and type "Share". Then choose "Share" from the results.

  • Your shortcut is now ready. Tap the "Settings" icon in the top-right corner to give it a name.

  • On the "Settings" page, tap the "Name" field. Then type a word, like "Make PDF", and select "Done" in the top-right corner.

  • In the top-right corner of the settings, tap "Done''.

  • In the top-right corner of your shortcut screen, choose "Done."

  • You'll now see your newly created shortcut On the "Library" screen. Run it by tapping its name.

  • The shortcut will open your Photos app. Now select the image you want to turn into a PDF.

  • With your selected photo shortcut will make a PDF. Then, you'll see your phone's share menu. Now choose how you'd like to Save A Picture As A PDF.

  • Choose "Save to Files''. If you'd like to save the file in the Files app.

  • You're done.

3- How to Save A Picture as A PDF with WPS

WPS Office is easy and accessible for people to use. By following these steps, you can Save A Picture As A PDF in seconds.

  • Open WPS Office

  • Select the Tools tab and then click Picture to PDF. Then a Picture to PDF dialogue box will pop up for you to Save A Picture As A PDF.

  • Click the Add button in the dialogue box. Then you can choose the picture you want to add in Add Pictures.

  • WPS can also adjust the settings in this interface

  • Now you click Convert and then click Export PDF to Save A Picture As A PDF.

  • You're done.

Using Tips for WPS Office Users to Save A Picture as A PDF

WPS PDF Tools have many advantages to use.

  • First, it is straightforward to use. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

  • Second, it is speedy. You will be shocked that It only takes a few seconds to convert a PDF file.

  • Third, it is very accurate. The conversions are always perfect.

  • Fourth, the quality of the converted files is excellent.

  • Fifth, it is very affordable and can be used online and offline.

  • Sixth, it offers superior customer support.

FAQs about WPS Office

1-Is WPS allow you to convert photos to PDF easily ?

Answer 1 - Yes, WPS Office allows you to Save A Picture As A PDF format easily and fastly using mac or windows. With the free membership, you can convert up to 10 images per month.And there are no restrictions on file size or the number of pages you can convert.

2-Is there something exciting about WPS ?

Answer 2 - The exciting thing is that you can access your files anywhere on any device.So if you’re at home or on the way, you can always access your photos.

What can be better than having a tool which is a one-stop-shop when it comes to document processing? Of Course nothing! So, it is your sign to download WPS office now and get benefitted by its 7 days free trial before investing in it!

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