WPS PDF VS PDF 24 | Which one is Better?

July 31, 20233.6K views

PDF 24 and WPS PDF are well-known PDF editor apps. Comparing WPS PDF vs PDF 24 will be unfair as there is no competition between WPS PDF app and PDF 24. PDF 24 is only for windows OS. On the other hand, WPS PDF is available for all operating systems including Linux and iOS. However, this blog will compare both by their features.

About PDF24

PDF24 is a free PDF Creator and PDF Converter app for Windows devices only, accomplished with a number of useful features that you will love to work with. The app is installed with a virtual PDF printer, which you can use to save and print documents as PDF like in Windows 10. After printing using the PDF printer, a PDF file is created and it opens from where you have saved the PDF file. An all in one editor for windows where you will get a lot of useful PDF tools for free in PDF24. This free PDF24 app works with all current Windows versions.


Fortunately, it is totally free.

Features and Characteristics

PDF24 includes some nice additional PDF features;

  1. Compress PDF files to reduce file size

  2. Merge multiple PDF documents into one PDF

  3. Split a PDF file to many

  4. Extracting pages from a PDF

  5. Copy pages from one file to another

  6. Specify document properties such as bookmarking the author name

  7. Sign PDF files

  8. Password-protection

  9. Add watermarks

  10. Supports loading and creating new files


If you routinely work with PDF documents but have no idea how to manage them? For this situation, you'll need a PDF editor application to manage and convert it to a format that any device can interpret. WPS PDF is the app that can do all of this both offline and online using a Chrome plugin. Offline apps provide you greater freedom than PDF 24. We recommend the WPS PDF software if you need an offline tool for editing, combining, compressing, converting, and splitting PDFs. The WPS PDF program is significantly lighter in size and has a good conversion speed.

WPS PDF Features

  1. Eye-protection mode and dark mode for PDF reading

  2. Multi-tab reading and editing mode

  3. View PDF documents in thumbnail mode

  4. Encrypt your PDF files with password protection

  5. Complete PDF editing

  6. PDFs may be merged, cropped, and divided.

  7. Collaboration of the Cloud Storage Team

  8. Compress file with maximum PDF quality

  9. Search for content in PDF documents

  10. Easily copy, annotate, bookmark, and share files

  11. Free PDF app download

  12. PDF printer allows you to easily print PDF files

  13. Free PDF viewer and editor

  14. Small wps app


Basic version with PDF reading and editing PDF is free. However you can enjoy advanced features like image to text in premium subscription by purchasing following plans;

  1. $3.99 per Month

  2. $18.99 per Half year

  3. $29.99 per one year

Final Suggestion

WPS PDF and PDF 24, both apps are pretty similar in nature. But the main difference is that PDF 24 is only limited to Windows users and WPS PDF is available for all OS users. Also, both are free for basic editing, and WPS PDF is paid for advanced editing features. However WPS PDF got an edge over PDF 24 when it comes to availability or system support, as WPS PDF is the most easily accessible PDF editor available in the market. Download the WPS PDF app now.

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