Best 3 PDF Printer for Mac in 2023

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PDF printer is a software that allows you to easily print your multiple-page PDF files without wasting your precious time. The software is available in abundance for windows. However, MacBook owners find it difficult to find the best and most reliable PDF printer for Mac. A PDF printer for Mac software lets you print your PDF files from a MacBook. That’s it. However, many software, like WPS Office, allow you to edit, draw, add texts and images, annotate, and do more simultaneously.

Why You Need a PDF Printer for Mac

Why do you need a PDF printer for Mac in 2023? A PDF printer for Mac allows you to print your PDF files. Without the software, you won’t be able to print them easily. Below are a few reasons you need a PDF printer for Mac software:

1. Easy to use

You can print your PDF files without this software; however, you’ll probably not choose a complex way to do the same job, which can be done simply. In short, a PDF printer for Mac allows you to print your files with just a single click.

2. Requires less time

A PDF printer for Mac enables you to print your files with just a single click. Yes, clicking the print option would print your PDF files. This saves your precious time, which you can use on something valuable. Moreover, as you’ll be able to print quickly, it’ll increase your productivity.

Best PDF Printer for Mac (2023)

There are a dozen PDF printers for Mac in 2023; however, they might be a scam or a virus file. We have researched and listed the three best PDF printers for Macs in 2023.

1. WPS Office

WPS Office is a multi-purpose software allowing you to open, view, edit, and do more on your PDF files. Further, it allows you to save, share and print your documents. The software is free to use and is compatible with MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Moreover, it has a free application on IOS and Android. The software has a template library, various tools, and free images on its website. The basic version can be downloaded for free, while you’ll have to pay for premium and business packages.


  • Allows you to open, read, edit, and save PDF files.

  • Enables you to draw, annotate, add texts and images, comments, sticky notes, and more.

  • Has a variety of tools

  • Allows you to convert printable documents to PDFs

  • Allows you to print PDFs

  • Enables you to work on multiple formats simultaneously.

Tips for Using

  • Install the software on your MacBook

  • Open or upload a PDF

  • Explore the toolbar and click print

  • Set it up, and print


An Appstore review about the software states, “I have been using this wonderful app for quite some time, and the basic free version is sufficient for most of the jobs you need.”

2. PDFelement

PDFelement is another best PDF printer for Mac in 2023 as its printing option allows its users to edit, add signatures, lock their files, protect the file data, add sticky notes, text notes, and more to their PDFs. The PDF printer for Mac supports MacOS and has a free basic version. The software has a few paid versions. The software is easy to use and best for Macbooks.


  • It lets you add texts, images, notes, signatures, encryption, and more to your PDFs

  • It lets you combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF.

  • It lets you convert PDFs to various formats and vice versa.


  • Has several negative reviews on G2

  • Paid versions are expensive

  • Poor customer support

Tips for Using

  • Download the free version to your MacBook

  • Open or upload a PDF file

  • Check the print option in the toolbar

  • Click print, set it up, and print the file


A G2 reviews about the software states, “All the users here are not lying. This company is a scam. You will never see customer service worse than this in your entire life. Imagine contacting support more than 15 times and not having your issues resolved. I have spent more than 4 hours of my life for nothing. Their contact number does not work.”

3. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most famous and used software for PDF. It’s an excellent software that enables users to open, read, edit, and do whatever they desire with their PDF files. Moreover, the software is best known for its file protection feature. You can download the free software from its website. The software is completely free and compatible with MacOS and Windows. Furthermore, it has  IOS and Android applications.


  • It lets you edit and add images, texts, comments, sticky notes, highlight text, and more in just a few clicks.

  • It lets you protect your file with your signature.

  • The software lets you restrict edits and copying of content.

  • It lets you track changes.

  • It lets you print your files within seconds.


  • Slow with large and complex PDFs

  • It has a Pro version which is expensive

Tips for Using

  • Install the software on MacBook

  • Open a PDF file.

  • Go to the toolbar and click print

  • Set it up and print the file


A G2 review about the software says, “Adobe Acrobat provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for creating, editing, and managing PDF documents, with features such as document conversion, editing, and e-signing, making it an all-in-one solution for professional use.”

FAQs on PDF Printer for Mac in 2023

Is there a free PDF Printer for Mac?

The basic version of each PDF printer for Mac software is free. Similarly, WPS Office is free too, and allows users to rule on their PDFs and make changes as they wish to.

What is the best PDF printer for mac?

WPS PDF is the best PDF printer for mac. It allows you to edit, add texts, and signatures, convert PDFs to different formats, and vice versa.

Learn More about PDF Printer for Mac in 2023

Having a Macbook and being unable to print PDFs must be disappointing. There are numerous PDF printers for Mac software; however, we listed the best ones above to avoid scams. One such software is WPS Office.

WPS Office allows users to print PDFs through the MacBook and has a huge range of advanced features, including editing PDF and converting Word documents to PDF. Additionally, it has a free standard package that can be downloaded in seconds. Download now and available the bonuses on memberships and registrations. Get yours here!

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