Best PDF Resume Templates You Can Download

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When you think about landing a job, the first step is undoubtedly to create a resume that helps you stand out. Otherwise, you may never be able to get the attention of your recruiter. Therefore, it is essential to create a unique resume that helps you highlight your competencies and strengths. Obviously, you require a PDF resume template to get started. After all, with a PDF resume template, you can showcase your experience and what sets you apart from other candidates.

In this post, you will get to know some of the best PDF resume templates you can find and customize.

Importance of Resumes

Most people wonder why they even need to build a resume when they can just go and give an interview for the position. Well, from the perspective of an employer, resumes are more than just a little important. After all, they help indicate and showcase the strengths, experience, and even skills of candidates.

Not to mention, when candidates create resumes using PDF resume templates, it helps employers select the most suitable people for the position. Otherwise, it would be very difficult and time-consuming for employers to perform interviews with all candidates.

On the other hand, with the creation of resumes from PDF resume templates, employers are able to shortlist candidates for interviews. It helps them not only save time but also select the most suitable person for the job.

However, most people find it quite difficult to build strong resumes as they find the process very time-consuming. In order to avoid spending excessive time building a resume, people can just use a template.

Why Using A Resume Template Is Better?

As it has been identified before, building a resume from scratch is not as simple as some people might think. In fact, even setting the right format is rather difficult.

Creating a resume from scratch might even take several hours. Even then, there is no knowing if the resume will be impressive. It is possible to avoid spending as much time and even building an attractive resume by just using a PDF resume template.

There are a number of reasons why using a free resume template is better than building it on your own. First of all, it is very simple and easy to customize and use a PDF resume template. For instance, you can just download the PDF resume template and edit it as you require. There will be no need to build anything on your own.

You can avoid all the complex stuff because everything is already there in the PDF resume template. You just need to edit the details and insert your own information. In this manner, creating a resume that suits your needs becomes far easier.

Second, getting a resume template online and using it is very time-efficient. Typically, when you build a resume, it takes several hours and even then there is a great likelihood you may not get the results you need. On the other hand, when you use a PDF resume template, you can avoid all the steps that usually consume your time the most. For instance, there is no need to design a resume.

Instead of it, you should just edit the information and add your own details to the PDF resume template. It is just as simple as that.

Third, using a free PDF resume template gets you the resume you need without spending even a penny on it. Usually, when people think about building an interactive resume, they suppose they should purchase it. However, with a PDF resume template, they can just get the resume they need and require without spending any money. It means you can save not only your time but also your money by using a template.

Best Customizable PDF Resume Templates

These are some of the best customizable PDF resume templates you can use:

1. Simple Resume for Job Hunting

Link: WORD of Simple Resume for Job Hunting.doc | WPS Free Templates

There are times when you do not need anything fancy to highlight your skills and strengths and just need something simple. Well, this is a PDF resume template that is rather simple yet quite effective in showcasing your abilities and experience. It is quite easy to customize and adjust without needing to do much. The moment you look at it, you will notice that it is clean and it includes everything you need to include and highlight in a resume.

In spite of being very simple and clean, the PDF resume template has just enough elements, which make it attractive and stand out from the rest.

2. Black Creative Resume

Link: WORD of Black Creative Resume.docx | WPS Free Templates

If you are a fan black resumes, you are definitely going to prefer this PDF resume template. After all, it is an all-in-black resume template that you can use to highlight your skill and expertise without any difficulty. It is a rather unique resume template because it stands out from other resumes aesthetically.

The moment you take a look at the PDF resume template, it immediately leaves an imprint on your mind. You can apply to any job that requires creativity in a candidate because this resume template practically speaks of creativity.

3. Dynamic Resume for Marketing

Link: PDF of Fresh & Colorful Resume.pdf | WPS Free Templates

If you have a knack for minimal resumes, you should definitely have a look at this PDF resume template. After all, it is just the right combination of minimalist design and color. With headings in blue and highlights in red, this resume is rather unique in the way it appears. In addition to it, it comes with all the sections and headings you usually seek in a professional resume. It means you can easily adjust and edit the resume to your needs and requirements without any problem.

4. Blue Resume for Designer

Link: WORD of Resume for Designer.docx | WPS Free Templates

This PDF resume template is rather cool in its appearance. It is quite different in terms of its appearance as it is unique in terms of how it looks. With a minimalistic touch, the resume is highlighted in blue.

Just like a professional resume, it has various headings and sections that help you highlight all your strengths, past experience, and skills. Not to mention, you can adjust it as you require without any problems. It has both lists and bullet points that you can consider and edit according to the details you need to showcase.

5. Gray Simple Resume

Link: WORD of Grey Simple Resume.docx | WPS Free Templates

If you are looking for a resume that is simple but still stands out from others, you should definitely go along with this resume template. After all, it is a grey minimalist resume with enough headings, sections, and paragraphs to easily highlight all the information you want to showcase.

One of the best things about this resume template is you can easily edit it. Even when you want to add a new paragraph, you can just add it. Unlike most resume templates, you can edit it easily and add all the information you want without experiencing any problems. Once you have added all the information you need, you can just save it and use the resume to apply for a position.

Final Thoughts on PDF Resume Template

Overall, there is no doubt that PDF resume templates help you save a lot of time and effort that you might be otherwise required to waste. For instance, when you create a resume on your own, it takes a lot of time and even after spending hours, you might find it hard to actually build a resume that suits your tastes. In such a situation, you can just download PDF resume templates and customize them as you need. These templates are pre-designed and you are only required to edit them and add your personal information in it. Once you have done that, you can have a perfect resume you can use to apply for any job you want. It is just as simple as that.

Not to mention, PDF resume templates are quite interactive and they provide you with aesthetics that are often quite difficult to create on your own. Therefore, they are a great way to have a great looking resume you can customize.

Why use WPS Office?

There are various reasons why you should actually use WPS Office. First of all, it is a free tool that you can use whenever you want. Unlike many other resume editors and convertors, you are not required to pay anything to use the tool. Second, it is a very simplistic and interactive tool as it is created to simplify the process for you. For instance, it comes with all the features and utilities you need to edit, customize, and convert your resumes without any problem.

Third, it provides you with multiple aesthetically-pleasing PDF resume templates you can edit to add your own details. All in all, it is a powerful tool that you can use easily to get the results you need.

Simple steps to download and edit a PDF resume template using WPS Office:

1.   Open the application and head to the homepage

2.   Now, click Apps before moving on and clicking Templates

3.   Click Resume on the left of the screen to view resume templates

4.   Click the template in order to preview it. After that, click on Free Use to get it

5.   After that, you can just customize the resume as you need without any problem and save it

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