Everything You Need to Know about Converting Mobi to PDF in 2022

July 31, 2023538 views

Mobi files are files that are non-editable files. These are read-only files. These files are specially designed for ebooks and for Amazon kindle. This file format is very lightweight in size. Moreover, these files are best used for mobile devices.

There are many free readers which support the mobi file format. You can install caliber, Mobipocket reader, or FBReader for the opening of mobi files. After installation of any of these file formats, you can easily open mobi files.

On the other hand, pdf files are more famous than mobi files because most of the readers use pdf file extensions. Pdf files are mostly used for reading purposes but these files are not good when you read something long. Pdf files are more important files when it comes to sharing or printing. Since most users have pdf readers on their devices so they are more popular.

Difference between pdf files and mobi files

MOBI files format

  • It is mostly supported on kindle
  • It has a 64 k limitation in image size. This limitation made it a suitable file for small screens.
  • It allows adding bookmarks, highlights, notes, and drawings.
  • It is a read-only file.

PDF file format

  • This file format does not optimize itself for all devices.
  • Pdf file format support security feature. You can add a security password on pdf files using many pdf files reader. It means pdf files are secured.
  • Pdf files can be editable but mostly pdf editable software is more expensive and does not available easily.
  • It is the most popular file type and can be open with many file readers.

Conversion of mobi to pdf file:

For the conversion of mobi to pdf file format there are many online file converters available. Here in this tutorial we will use zamzar website for the conversion of mobi to pdf.


1- First open your browser and type mobi to pdf file conversion here. Now open the zamzar website and you will see a graphical user interface like this:


2- Now click on the choose file option and choose the .mobi file that you want to convert to a pdf file. Here we have converted sample.mobi for file conversion.


3- Now click on the convert now button to convert mobi file to a pdf file. You will see this user interface.


4- Now finally click on the download button for the successful conversion of mobi file to pdf file format.

Conversion on mobi file extension to the pdf file is not a difficult task. There are also many other websites which give facility to convert mobi file to pdf file format. Pdfcandy, cloudconvert, and online converter websites are some other websites that allow converting mobi to pdf file format. These all websites have almost the same procedure to convert mobi files to pdf with different user interfaces.

Download WPS Office:

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