Get Foxit Discount And Make Them Count

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Whether you are a high school student or entering college, there are a multitude of obligations. Different courses and different styles of teaching. However, a PDF editor like Foxit 2022 can be a lifesaver when it comes to managing assignments. With the use of pdf software, they can digitise their educational materials. That’s why more and more students and institutes are using it to stand out. There are Foxit Discount available that make them one of the best online pdf software so students also take interest in getting this software at home.

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How to get Foxit Discount

Foxit is one of the best online legitimate pdf software options available in the market. But the main issue is Foxit has increased the price a couple of times in the past few years. That’s why Foxit is providing educational discounts to students and educational institutes and you have to pay $9.99 yearly. Follow these steps to get Foxit Discount - Visit the Foxit website and register yourself using a *.edu email account. - After signing up, go to the subscription store. - Get yourself registered for a Foxit student discount, download the software and you are ready to use it.

If you want to know more details about Foxit free trial, click here: Foxit Pro Free Trial Detail and Pricing

Top Most alternative to Foxit student discount

One of the best online alternatives that provide educational discounts to students, teachers, and educational institutes is WPS Office 2022.


What makes WPS Office 2022 a great alternative? It comes with exclusive features, at a much lower price than Foxit. Following are one of the best features available - Collaboration tool - View multiple documents - World-class text editor - Built-in charts - Advanced spreadsheets - Complete office suite - Advanced Animations - Mobile Office Suite

How to apply for WPS discounts

WPS Office is the best alternative as it is affordable and at the same time trustable and long-lasting. The software can be downloaded for windows, ios and android so you can edit and create files from anywhere. You can get WPS Office basic features for free and then there are different pricing plans for advanced features.


WPS Office offers a lot of promotions such as 10-30% off WPS Office products + Free P&P. Among all promotions, student discounts have always been the popular one. WPS is offering a 15% student discount. Following are a few steps to get a WPS student discount.

  • Signup for an account at and get yourself registered.
  • On the Setting page, Click “Get Verified”. For this, you need a valid university email and supporting documents.
  • Complete the required information and you will receive a WPS Office student discount shortly.
  • Apply your coupon code and get the discount.


It was a quick review of the offers, and we can see that the WPS office discounts have an edge over Foxit Discount in terms of price, variety of promotions, and level of ease provided to its customers. So why are you waiting then? Click the link to get your WPS Office Premium Free Trial: WPS Office Premium Free Trial 2022

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