How to Add Notes to a PDF: Best Methods 2022

July 31, 2023683 views

PDF format is accessible worldwide because it allows you to securely exchange documents, regardless of the operating system. And it holds the formatting static across all the devices. With the PDF editing technology, you can easily collaborate and finalize your PDFs with your team members. A PDF sticky note is the most common way to add comments to a document.

Do you want to know how to add notes to a PDF document? There are various online and offline tools available for this purpose. But here, we’ll discuss the best ones.

How to Add Notes to a PDF Offline Using the WPS Office

WPS Office is the best application suite for users and businesses of all sizes. It’s compatible to add notes to PDF documents.

Steps on how to add notes to a PDF for free are as follows:


Open the PDF document in the WPS office by right-clicking on the PDF file and selecting “Open With” > “WPS Office”.


Inside the WPS office, click the “Comment” option on the main menu and select the “Notes” option to add comments to the PDF documents.



Once you have added the note, Right-click on the Note and select the “Properties” option. This panel allows you to change the properties of the Notes, including its subject, author, and appearance settings. You can even Click on “Set as Default” to set the default settings.


How to Add Notes To a PDF Offline Using Adobe Acrobat

Sticky Notes in Adobe Acrobat is used to add notes throughout the PDF. This allows the reviewers to easily identify areas that need attention so they can make or clarify edits as quickly as possible.

Steps on how to add notes to a PDF for free using Acrobat are as follows:


Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat.


Once the document is open, select the text where you want to add a note.


Click Add Sticky Note or Ctrl+6.


After adding the desired Comments, Save your edited document.

Final Words

After going through both methods, you can easily add comments or notes to your PDF documents. But our recommendation is WPS Office software as it offers additional features. This alternative to Microsoft Office allows the user to edit, convert and manage the PDF document for enhanced work productivity.

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