How to Convert JPG to PDF on Iphone, Mobile and Laptop for Free in 2022

July 31, 2023684 views

If you've lots of images on your device and want to convert these JPGs into PDFs,then you have landed on the right page.Some modern smartphones don't allow you to save files in PDF. These permit you to keep the files in JPG format. But if you need the PDF format? That is where a JPG to PDF converter is required.

But How to convert JPG to PDF on iPhone, mobile, and laptop? The fact is, there's a lot of software and tools available to do it. But, here, we're trying to provide you with the most accurate solution.

How to Convert JPG to PDF on Iphone, Mobile And Laptop Using WPS PDF online for Free

WPS Office offers you to convert various format files into PDF online. Its interface is accessible and user-friendly, and it's not a big deal to convert JPG to PDF files using the WPS office.

The list of steps is given below.

Step 1: Open the web browser, and search the WPS PDF tool.

Step 2: Inside the WPS tool, click the JPG TO PDF option.


Step 3: Select the location of your JPG file that you want to convert into PDF format.


Step 4: After selecting the JPG file, click the convert button.


Step 5: JPG to PDF conversion is done; click the Download button to acquire the PDF file.

How to Convert JPG to PDF on Iphone, Mobile and Laptop Using Adobe Online for free

Using Adobe, Let’s convert the images file and text to PDF. This tool converts the JPGs and other image formats(BMP, GIF, PNG) into PDFs. Adobe invented the best PDF format with high quality and graphics.

Steps to convert JPGs to PDF using Adobe

Step 1: Open the browser and search “Adobe JPG to PDF converter.”

Step 2: Inside Adobe, select the JPG file from the computer location by clicking the select a file option.


Step 3: Your file is ready; click the download button to convert the JPG to PDF.


There are various ways to convert a JPG file to PDF; all are the most straightforward methods. Our recommendation is the WPS office because it allows you to access multiple other valuable tools.

Download WPS Office software from the official website for free to solve problems like “How to convert JPG to PDF on iPhone, mobile and laptop” and enjoy tension-free file edits and conversions.

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