How to Convert PDF to Google Docs with WPS?

July 31, 2023782 views

Sometimes, we need to save certain documents on the cloud to occupy its storage, for added security and unlimited access. For this, you can either use WPS Cloud or Google Docs in 2022. Cloud-based file storage has plenty of benefits.

Google Docs lets users create and edit files, sheets, and presentations in the cloud environment. Cloud systems have become a whole new world of unlimited possibilities. The good thing is that you can also access your documents on a cloud when working offline with the WPS office.

Read this free guide to learn how to convert PDF to Google Docs in simple steps. We will first discuss the usability of cloud storage as we proceed further.

Benefits of Using Cloud Storage

Some of the exceptional benefits of a cloud-based service are:

  • Cloud storage is a free online service.
  • It allows access to your files from anywhere, anytime.
  • It allows real-time collaboration.
  • Auto-saves your work as you go!
  • Offers an offline work mode.
  • It allows you to track document changes and revert to any of the previous versions of the file.
  • Editing features are powerful.
  • You can use voice typing instead of writing if you wish.
  • You get to choose more font styles than Microsoft Word.
  • You can tag people in the comments. This feature lets you address the problem there and then.
  • The security features allow authorized people to access and use the documents.

To do more with the Google Docs cloud service, let’s see how you can convert PDF to Google Docs.

Steps to convert PDF to Google Docs in WPS Office in Windows

You can store your WPS documents on Google Docs if you learn how to convert PDFs to Google Docs. Following are the instant, easy steps to do this job.

1-Load the PDF file.


2-Click Save as from the Menu above. A window asks you to choose the new location and file name after being saved.

3-In location options, choose Google Drive.


4-Type the file name that you like.


5-Click on the Save option.


Edit the document as you want.

You can use the steps above if you want to know how to convert PDF to Google Docs on Windows. Use Google Docs, the world’s favorite way to enjoy cloud storage!

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