How to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac: 3 Quick Ways

July 31, 20231.1K views

From the beginning, users took in mind that converting PDF files to other formats might be difficult. But no more. With proper tools, you can easily convert your PDF documents on Mac and Windows. Let’s learn.

3 Simple Ways to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac

In the following, I have shared 3 easy and quick techniques to convert PDF to JPG on Mac. Follow the instructions properly to learn the techniques.

1-Use WPS PDF Tool to Convert PDF to JPG

If you are searching for a simple solution to convert your PDF document to JPG format then WPS PDF Tool is the best choice for you. With this tool, you can convert any PDF file to your desired format. Follow the steps below to convert PDF to JPG format-


In your Macbook open the WPS Office Suite and double-click your PDF file to open it in a new tab.


Later, hit the “PDF to Picture” feature from the “Tools” option.


Next, choose your precious format JPG from the drop-down list and click “Export”.

Finally, we successfully converted our PDF file to JPG format within a moment.


2-Utilize PDFelement to Convert to JPG on Mac

In order to convert JPG formatted files on Mac, PDFelement is a handy tool to convert. Just follow the steps to learn-


First, open the PDFelement software and tap your PDF file to open a new tab in the software.


Next, click the “To Image” feature from the “Convert” option.


In general, from the new popped-up window choose “JPG” from the “Save as Type” drop-down list and press “Save”.

As a result, we successfully extracted our JPG file within a blink of an eye.


3-Use iLovePDF to Convert PDF to JPG

iLovePDF is a great tool that comes with amazing features for converting and editing PDF documents. Recently, they launched their Macbook version which is quite easy for beginners to use.


Above all, open the iLovePDF software and click the “PDF to JPG” from the “Tools” ribbon on top.


Within seconds a new dialog box will pop up where you can drop your file or select files from your internal storage.


Afterward, hit the “Convert to JPG” to get the output.

Finally, you will get the extracted JPG format in your Macbook within a moment. Simple isn’t it?


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In the above article, I have tried my best to cover converting PDF to JPG on Mac. I hope you enjoyed the article and found the solution you are looking for. Last but not least don’t forget to download the WPS Office Suite for windows from the below link. If you click the following link and download it right now you will get the 7-day free trial without sharing your credit card details. Enjoy!

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