How to Merge PDF Files on Mac: 3 Best Ways

July 31, 2023651 views

Combining PDF files is essential when you are working from different platforms and you need to merge all the PDFs into a single PDF. to merge a PDF is a tricky and time-wasting formula if you don't follow the proper way. Also, we are facing a little bit of a hassle with the multiple file solution problems. The portable document format is always easy to view and share with the users, especially in transferring PDF files it is organized with file pages. In this article, I try to show you how we can merge multiple PDFs into a single PDF file within a short time and maintain file page order with your Mac.

Importance of merging files

When you cooperate on a team assignment it often means dealing with a lot of individual files. It can be problematic to keep track of each team member’s assistance, but it doesn’t have to be. If you merge PDF files on your Mac into one composition, you’ll have the perfect solution to staying methodical.

Merge PDF Files with WPS Office

We always find solutions from WPS Office no matter what problem we are facing or how we have done it. You can find all PDF solutions with that one platform. Merge PDF, split, organize, convert, compress, etc are available tools in WPS Office. That's why it is compatible with Microsoft Office. here we see how to merge multiple PDFs into a single PDF.


  • Open a PDF file with WPS Office. Go to the pages option from the top of the menu bar.
  • Choose merge PDF options and that brings you to the new window


  • Now we have to add another PDF file in add files option.
  • Select page range from where we add and save file name and location.
  • Press Merge and see how quickly it combines.


Merge PDF Files on Mac with Preview

With Preview on Mac, we can solve any file editing and update at any time. By following simple methods we can easily merge any PDFs with Preview on Mac.


  • Open two PDFs with a preview from mac
  • In each document, select View > Thumbnails
  • Press the command key and select the page thumbnails that you want to add to the other document, then release the key.
  • Simply Drag the selected thumbnails into the sidebar of the other PDF and drop them to the other place where you want to move.


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Merge PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat DC


  • From Adobe acrobat file options we go to file > combine files
  • Select multiple files to merge and it will merge easily.


You can also choose Combine PDF from the tools section.



You can merge your PDF file from online tools but that will reduce your file value as we all know about the malware viruses from unidentified tools. WPS Office terminates all PDF file converting formats with some magical tools. It is applicable for Windows, macOS, Linux, and android. My viewers who have windows/pc can easily get WPS Office from this link and enjoy a free 7-day trial without any cards.

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