PDF pen Discount, is it Sufficient

January 5, 2023 |

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PDF pen Discount, is it Sufficient
In this article, you will learn:
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  2. PDF pen VS WPS Office: Who wins the game?

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As PDFPen is new in the market of PDF editing software, it rarely offers discount codes for making a purchase. Although being newer in the market, the good news is that they are still offering PdfPen discount coupon codes.

From pdfpen.com one can avail discounts with the biggest discount being 30% off. There are four PDFPen discount coupon codes available.

The current promo code of PDFPen was added on August 22, 2022. After every five days a new coupon code is added. Since last year, an average of 0.6 discount codes per month for PDFPen has been offered.

The top PDF Pen code was EDUDISC2 which gave 30% off on your purchase. The second top rated code was SAVE20NOW which offered a 20% discount. Another PDFPen coupon code can help you buy PDFPen on your iPad and iPhone for $6.99. There is even a PDF Pen promo code offered by eBay which offers you a 30% off on purchasing from eBay. You can even enjoy an Amazon coupon code for even more discounted treasures.

PDFpen Features 2022

1. Edit and Modify Text

PDFpen  2022 provides you with options to edit and modify PDFs to look more engaging. You can add and edit text, images, and signatures, move, resize, copy and even delete images and pages in PDF documents. PDF pen allows you to preview and extract file attachments and annotations, add notes, and comments, and even add page numbers, bookmarks, headers and footers, and watermarks to your PDF document.

2. Scan and Edit PDFs

PDFpen Discount allows you to perform OCR on scanned documents one at a time or in batch form. You can edit OCR text from your scanned pages and scan directly from any Mac-compatible scanner. Your PDF can get compressed to smaller file sizes to make it easier to share and more accessible.

3. Add Signatures to your PDF

PDFpen Discount allows you to add your signature to your PDF documents. You can access many options like filling out PDF forms and saving frequently-used images, signatures, objects, and text in the library to use conveniently.

4. Fill and Edit Forms

PDF Pen 2022 can preserve hyperlinks in your document. You can create and edit fillable PDF forms. PDF Documents could be exported to Microsoft Word .docx, Microsoft Excel .xlsx spreadsheets, Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt presentations and PDF Archive PDF/A formats with an online Internet connection. With PDF pen, you can create portfolio documents to combine related files.

PDF pen VS WPS Office: Who wins the game?

PDF pen

WPS Office


PDF pen is for those working in small businesses, real estate, healthcare, and journalists & writers. Users found that the program continually crashed and that they had to wait for a long time for some features to work.

WPS Office is an all-in-one tool that provides almost everything related to PDF documents. Users found that it is the best app to read PDF files and contains many options to edit PDF documents. It is relatively cheap, costing $29.


PDFpen costs $79.95 per year.

WPS Office offers various discounts and promotions. There is also a free version of WPS Office available with many features.


In my view, WPS Office is the best free online and offline PDF editor. Choosing WPS Office provides you with many options for preparing a PDF file. So come on! Go to www.wps.com and click on the Free Download button instead of waiting for PDFpen Discounts.

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