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July 31, 2023787 views

Essentials to Organize PDF Documents

When dealing with pdf or any type of word document, we sometimes need to do things our free software program doesn’t allow. Therefore, it is vital that you first check the product and see if it includes all the necessary free pdf organizer.

When you need to manipulate the pages of the pdf document you are working on, it is then essential that you have all the tools at hand that let you rotate, replace, add or remove any page of that document. If you constantly get in trouble when trying to do that, we recommend you try the free pdf organizer in pdf xchange editor.

What Makes PDF Organizer in PDF Xchange Better?

When the order of the pages of a particular document is messed up or not in the correct order you need, it could be practically impossible to change them. Either you will have to convert it to an editable format and change the queue of pages or find the original document you transformed into a pdf.

But since pdf xchange is available for download on the current versions of Microsoft, you can efficiently utilize the free pdf organizer tool to change and rearrange all the pages at once or individually.

This tool is easily accessible, and within a few clicks or taps, or sometimes drag and drop, you can rearrange the whole document to the order you need.

This feature is included in the free Pdf Xchange Editor version and all the other paid versions of the application. Therefore, no matter which version you download online, you can have this offline tool on your device anytime for your needs.

WPS Office VS. PDF Xchange

7 Days Trial WPS OfficeDownload Now

Both pdf Xchange and the WPS Office tools are top-tier editors that you can find online. While Pdf Xchange only gives you an offline application tool to edit and view, WPS has both online and offline editors.

The subscription packages of the pdf Xchange start from $56 and include free downloads that don’t require any payment. In the WPS office, all the plans and packages are paid downloads. But it offers a free trial for every new user so that people can freely try the software for 7-days freely without asking for payment information. Moreover, there are no limitations imposed on the free trial. The subscription payments,too, are much lesser than that of the Pdf Xchange, starting at $19.

While both the products have ups and downs, you can check them out before deciding what’s best.

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