What is OCR? Free Download Top 2 Software with Free Trial that Provide PDF OCR Function

September 9, 2022 |

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What is OCR? Free Download Top 2 Software with Free Trial that Provide PDF OCR Function
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Nowadays, most documents come in the form of PDF format. PDF OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is software that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to scan and extract written text from image files. This is similar to the image-to-text conversion feature in Google Docs. It’s primarily used in data entry when dealing with bank statements, business cards, invoices, passports, etc.

Are you looking for a software that provide a free trial of PDF OCR? These days, various OCR programs are available that help you extract text from images into searchable files. Here we will discuss the best OCR tools for computers. We’ll also highlight the best features of each OCR application so that you can select the best one according to your requirements. In the end, we’ll also talk about our recommended PDF OCR software.

What are the Main Functions PDF OCR Performs?

PDF OCR software helps you to convert non-editable documents, such as paper forms, images, and PDF files, into editable and searchable files for free. It scans the document text, processes it, and converts it into editable formats such as word, Excel, or plain text. However, if you are concerned about investing in OCR software, start using a free OCR tool first. It allows you to evaluate the software before purchasing a full-featured version.

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2 Best Software with Free Trial | PDF OCR Online & Offline

WPS Office

WPS Office is an online and offline tool that helps users extract text from an image file using the OCR technique. WPS Office provides three methods to extract text from a scanned image file, Extract text only, convert to word, and convert to excel. If you want to get a text from an image without retaining the original text format, use the Extract text only method. If you want to keep the text layout, use the convert to word method. If you wish to retain the text and keep the table format, use the convert to excel method.

Free Trial: You can use the PDF OCR with 7-day free trial.



PDFelement is a PDF editor that allows the user to merge, convert, edit, and manage PDF documents to enhance work efficiency. PDFelement online converter and desktop application are also available to improve software productivity. The OCR scanner of PDFelement is easy to use and falls under an affordable price without sacrificing efficiency. It can quickly scan the image and generate the text. This software also allows you to manage your PDF documents on iOS as well. The best thing about PDFelement is it initially provides a free trial.

Free Trial: Free Trial of PDFelement is 7-day long. Using this free trial, you can edit, convert and manage your pdf documents.


Final Words

Our recommended free trial version of PDF OCR is WPS Office. This is an ideal OCR software that is not limited to scanning files. Instead, it has other features like organizing documents, converting, merging, and editing PDF files. WPS Office is available online & Offline that doesn’t require any technical practice to use it. If you want to know more OCR tools, click here: Free Download Top 5 PDF OCR Software

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