What is PDF Splitter and what is its Importance When Using PDF?

July 31, 2023966 views

When you have a PDF document and it seems to be more than you need, you have the option of splitting the PDF. This is a feature available in many PDF editors. A good PDF splitter is that provided by the WPS office PDF editor tool. It enables you to easily separate a large PDF file into smaller sections. This implies that you can split your book into different chapters or even individual pages. This article is about what is a pdf splitter and also describes how you can benefit from using the best PDF splitter.

Why You May Need A PDF Splitter

There are certain circumstances where you may need a pdf splitter. You may for instance want to remove certain pages from a PDF and keep the entire document intact. Splitting can be done in terms of pages or size.

Also, when emailing, you may want to email smaller portions of the entire PDF. In that case, you will require to know what is a PDF splitter and how it works for you to email PDF documents.

At times you may need just certain pages and discard the rest or better combine them into another PDF. This is the work that can be done by a good PDF splitter. WPS office PDF splitter for instance comes with the ability to explode the document. When you explode the document, you get separate pages of your PDF file from which you can extract those you want.

How PDF Splitter Works

Pdf splitters work in unique ways. One way is the one slightly mentioned above, that is, exploding the document. Here, each page of the PDF file is separated and you can extract or delete the unwanted pages.

Some splitters also work by providing a range of pages and extracting those specific pages. Better PDF splitters such as the WPS pdf splitter may allow you to merge those split ranges you specified.

A less common way in which some pdf splitters may work is by using the size as a way of extracting certain unwanted parts from your document. This way, you may be able to send the required size of the file via certain social media apps or even email. Understanding what is a PDF splitter therefore also involves knowing how it works so that you don’t damage your document.

Free Online Pdf Splitter

Online WPS PDF tools are the best to use when working with PDFs. One such tool that is also found online is the PDF splitter. There is no need of having to download software on your device especially if you are limited with space. It is also free. Many other online pdf splitters are expensive and offer poor pdf splitting services.

How To Split Pdf Using WPS Pdf Online Splitter?

Step1: Visit the WPS PDF Website Https://Pdf.Wps.Com.

Step2: Click on split PDF


Step3: Click on the ‘select PDF File’ button


Step4: Upload your PDF to be split. You may be prompted to sign in if you have not signed in.

Step5: tap on extract and proceed to finish.

Advantages Of Using WPS Office Pdf Splitter

  • Quality Of Your Pdf Is Maintained

With WPS PDF tools, the original quality of your pdf is never compromised. Plus, you get high-quality splits once you extract the pages or sections you want from your pdf.

  • Supported By Any Platform

WPS pdf splitter can be used on your phone, laptop, and desktop. It also supports a wide range of operating systems that any of your devices may be using. This makes it one of the best PDF tools that you should use.

  • Customizing Feature

This feature ensures that you can extract several pages as much as you want and combine them into another pdf, what is a pdf splitter if you cannot customize your final document?

Free Offline Pdf Splitter

There are times when you may not have internet connections. In such cases, you may benefit from an offline pdf splitter. This is a tool available in the WPS office, a one-in-all pdf tool application once downloaded. You can try out the offline WPS app for free and see the advantages for yourself.

Other Popular Pdf Splitters


You may encounter other pdf splitters while working with pdf documents. Some of them are free while others require a subscription. Others are purely online splitters while a few are offline and hence require that you download the software. They include:

  • iLovePDF
  • Smallpdfdf
  • PDFsam
  • Adobe acrobat
  • A-PDF split

All in all, WPS office remains one of the best software to use when you want to split your PDF as well as do other PDF manipulations. You can find out more about what is a pdf splitter and also download the WPS office application here https://pdf.wps.com.

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