WPS PDF with a Speedy Performance

August 11, 2022 |

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WPS PDF with a Speedy Performance
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WPS Office is one of the most outstanding online office suites available for download. Move over to Microsoft Office, and make room for Google Drive. This program, which was developed by the Chinese company Kingsoft, has been steadily gaining traction in the United States thanks to the many devoted users it has garnered over in other parts of the world. It offers the same tools that its competitors do, so you can create and modify documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and convert and edit pdf with the same ease that you would with any of them. The best thing about WPS PDF is that anyone can use it for free, and you don't need an account to use the program. All you have to do is download it, and then you can get started right away. This is not the same as Drive or Microsoft Office in windows, both of which require users to have accounts, and Microsoft Office additionally requires a subscription.


WPS Office PDF is available for Windows, mac, Android, and iOS and has just received a significant upgrade, which includes a redesigned interface and connection with Dropbox. In this review, I will focus on covering that app. However, the tablet version of WPS Office and the phone version of the app differ significantly in a number of ways. Because of its user-friendly interface and silky-smooth operation, the tablet app is the one you should download on your device online. On the other hand, the phone app was designed for less extensive changes; nonetheless, its interface is so uninspiring and cumbersome that I would prefer not to use it at all.

A closer look at the many editing options available in WPS Office PDF

The Android tablet app for WPS Office PDF has recently been upgraded with a new look based on the Material design language and a more streamlined structure. It does not get in the way and makes it easy to make short or extensive modifications on your tablet. Both the tablet and phone versions have distinct designs and layouts; nevertheless, for the sake of this review, I will concentrate largely on the tablet edition. Because the toolbars on the phone app are more difficult to navigate, they are only useful for making minor modifications, such as adding text or changing the font. The app is quite basic overall.

The layout is quite similar to that of Microsoft Office in windows, complete with a color toolbar at the top that houses all of your options to edit. At the very top of the screen are tabs for various functions, such as "File," "Insert," and "View," and if you are familiar with most office programs, you will have no trouble navigating around this one either.

All of the necessary editing tools


WPS Office includes all the standard functions available in other office suites, allowing you to create new documents or make adjustments using your mobile device (such as a phone or tablet). WPS PDF has various capabilities in addition to the standard tools, which include altering the font size and style, adding slides to presentations, and writing formulas in spreadsheets. Some of them have the capability to monitor changes made to documents, the ability to print wirelessly using Google Cloud Print, the ability to encrypt your files to keep them secure, and the installation of additional fonts.

WPS PDF conversion

Documents may be exported from Writer as pdf files, which is an excellent way to reduce the file size and make it more manageable so that it can be more easily shared. This would also assure the safety of the files whenever they were accessed.

On the other hand, WPS Office high-quality pdf converter enables users to rapidly convert pdf files to the doc or Docx file format. After conversion, the layouts, typefaces, and styles will all be preserved thanks to the high level of accuracy provided by this user-friendly WPS pdf converter.

Price for the WPS Office Premium

WPS Office is offered to users at no cost and in the three different pricing tiers mentioned in WPS Office Premium. Price begins at $29 per year and scales up as you move up each tier:

  • WPS Office Free is free for anyone to download and use;
  • WPS Office Premium price is $29 per year
  • WPS Office Professional costs $79.99 for a lifetime license with a free trial.

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Before commencing her writing career, Gayathri earned a degree in theoretical physical chemistry. After that, she decided to try something new and attended law school, eventually graduating. For the year 2022, she talks about WPS PDF, the best pdf editor.

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