Learn How to Export PDF to HTML Format for Free

July 31, 20231.4K views

Design work is typically supplied in PDF format rather than HTML so that stakeholders may approve it without having to read the complete HTML code. After completing the PDF markups, the document's creator will typically save the PDF as HTML and send the file to the technical team for execution. HTML file tells website builder to generate personalized web pages that appear precisely like the original PDF; text, images, headers, and links. Unfortunately, due to the evident formatting differences between the two file types, it is crucial to know how to export PDF to HTML.

Document conversion technology advancements have made it simple to convert PDF to HTML on Windows and Mac computers. You must use the finest PDF converter to see it in the correct language. WPS Office is the best tool for exporting PDFs to any format. The conversion also aids in the indexing of information by search engines. This tutorial will show you how to export PDF to HTML on Windows and Mac computers by shedding light on the following topics.

  • How to export pdf to html using WPS Office
  • How to export pdf to html using Chrome extension

How to export pdf to html using WPS Office

Steps to export PDF to HTML using WPS Office

1-Open your PDF file in WPS Office - PDF Editor.


2-From the menu bar, click on tools.

3-Now you can choose either option either PDF to TXT or PDF to Word because it will convert your PDF data in full edited form. Txt option will be better.


4-Customize your new HTML file by setting different parameters needed for HTML conversion.


How to export pdf to html using Chrome extension

Google chrome also has PDF to HTML extension. You can easily save any PDF by opening it in Google chrome.

Steps to export PDF to HTML using Chrome extension

1-Open file in Chrome browser.

2-Search and Install “PDF to HTML Converter” extension.

3-Drag and drop your PDF file and convert it to HTML one. You can watch the tutorial video by better understanding.



This article has discussed 2 easy ways to convert PDF to html documents. Based on the number of files you need to convert or whatever PDF edition you require, WPS Office is always the best option for all these questions. WPS Office is light software with full PDF, Word, Excel and PPT edition tools and converters. Download the WPS Office app now.

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