3 Best PDF Premium editors: Our top picks

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The top premium pdf editors allow you to do even more with your pdf files, but which pdf editor is best suited to your workflow and needs in 2022?

To get the most out of working with pdf files in your profession or schoolwork, you'll want to invest in pdf editing tools that can enhance your productivity and allow you to do even more with the papers you create. There are many factors to consider when choosing the finest pdf editor, including system requirements and ease of use.

WPS Office: Best PDF Premium editors


WPS PDF is a premium, feature-rich pdf editor that is easy to use for beginners to download in 2022. Batch conversion to pdf is a time-saving function for users who want to process numerous files simultaneously, such as Word, Excel, PNG, and JPG.

Both "ordinary users and those with more advanced demands" should find WPS PDF’s "easy-to-navigate interface and extensive support" to bridge any gaps in their knowledge.

When sending huge pdf files through email, the best pdf editing app can compress them for easier transmission, and its OCR skills can recognize text in scanned pdf and images, allowing the files to be edited and searched for later on. You can apply a password to protect your pdfs or redact any private content.

It is possible to acquire WPS PDF tools as an annual subscription or as a one-time purchase in three separate versions: WPS Office Desktop, WPS Office for iOS, and WPS Office Online. There are premium pdf options for subscription: annual or monthly subscription plans with a free trial that allows you to collaborate with others online in 2022.

You can review and annotate files while you're out and about, but it's ideal for editing pdfs on a desktop. When reviewing a pdf, you should look for an editor with a mobile app designed for mobile devices or offers cloud access to features via a mobile browser.

Sejda PDF Desktop Pro


Sejda is a web-based premium pdf editor with a free trial that may be used on any operating system with a current web browser. This web interface can now be used on your desktop using a desktop version.

For a price of $63, you may get a yearly license for both the web and desktop versions of the program to get the most out of it. Although you can purchase a one-time perpetual desktop license for a price of $126, you will not have access to any future updates or the web version. It's also possible to get a $8 weekly pass for both editions if you only use Sejda for a single project.

Because Sejda lacks an OCR engine, it cannot be used to edit scanned-in pdf files. Only pdf files with selectable text can be edited.

To make changes to a pdf file, upload it to the Sejda website and utilize the toolbar at the top of the screen to select your options. Text can be edited, links can be added, form fields and images can be added, and your document can be signed or annotated with tools like these. It's safe to say that Sejda's equipment is at the very least primitive.

Sejda Pro allows you to add new images to a document, but it does not allow you to change or delete existing images. In a pinch, Sejda Pro comes with premium pdf features, with a free trial handy for making rapid changes to an existing pdf document when no other tools are available.

PDF candy


Among the various free pdf editors with premium features, PDF Candy is our current favorite because it has an OCR capability for scanning text. On the other hand, this web-based PDF editor allows you to extract text from a pdf file and save it as either an RTF or DOC file.

To produce or convert a pdf file, you can choose 44 tools. To add watermarks, password secure pdf files, change metadata within a pdf file, and split or add pages to documents are all simple tasks that can be done with the help of a pdf editor like Adobe Acrobat Reader. To use a feature-rich free pdf editor, you must make a trade-off: limited text editing.

Download the altered document or submit a new document for further editing when you've completed your edits in PDF Candy. Once you've made changes to a document in PDF Candy, you can download it all at once.

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