WPS PDF and PDFCandy Comparison: A Comprehensive Analysis

February 27, 2023 |

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WPS PDF and PDFCandy Comparison: A Comprehensive Analysis
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PDF editors have become a critical tool for many to manage information and documents digitally and effectively. There are several PDF editors rising and making their way to popularity and competing with many fierce editors and applications that are available. However, no two editors are ever alike. Although many of them share plenty of similarities there’s always something that sets them apart, and eventually makes them more likable for a certain community. There’s always an editor that will suit your needs. While some are free, some are cloud-based, some work offline, and some are only compatible with a couple of platforms, you can manage your digital documents in the most productive way possible by opting for the editor whose features would suit your preference the most.

Document editing is simply not sufficient for most people. Sharing and collaboration without compromising the quality of the document have become a priority to many. WPS PDF comparison is made with PDFCandy to help many PDF editor users decide which PDF editor is suitable for them. WPS PDF and PDFCandy both share a unique set of advantages and disadvantages alike. While one is suited to the user best for document processing, the same editor may not serve another user the same way. Thus, it is best that a comprehensive comparison between WPS PDF and PDFCandy is made to eventually assist and benefit many individuals as well as businesses.

1. Interface

The interface of any good editor must be intuitive and easy to use. The users should be able to navigate and be able to access the tools they need the most at any time. The interface of a PDF editor plays a very significant role in its usability. WPS PDF and PDFCandy have considerable differences in their interfaces.

WPS PDF offers a minimalist, clean, and intuitive interface that makes navigation much easier and more convenient. Various editing features are available at the toolbar that is located at the top of the page where the tools and all the features can be accessed without a minute of a nuisance. The layout is incredibly simple and easy to understand for first-time users. The features available in the toolbar contain all the necessary editing options which include text editing, annotation, and image insertion.

Meanwhile, PDFCandy also strives to achieve a modern yet minimalist layout. The interface appears to be a little cluttered considering there are several ads and links to other products that might come as a distraction to many users. The editing tools are well organized however they are not as accessible as in WPS PDF. Besides that, the process of uploading the document and downloading can be a bit frustrating for first-timers. Thus, those who prioritize ease of use must consider WPS PDF as their choice of PDF editor.

2. Editing Features

The editing aspect of any PDF editor is crucial and it’s important that all features of an editor are considered before users decide on a single PDF editor.

For WPS PDF, the features entailed by the application include text editing, where the user has the control of changing the font, size, and color, etc. Users can add or delete images, and can also benefit from the advanced annotating tools that allow highlighting, underlining, adding comments, etc. WPS PDF also allows users to add their customized watermarks. Pages can be managed more efficiently on WPS PDF as one has direct access to deleting, adding, and rearranging pages. WPS PDF also helps you generate your own unique personalized digital signature that users can add to the documents. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool assists users and businesses who often work with printed media. Through OCR users are able to scan documents and be able to have access to them digitally for further editing.

Meanwhile, PDFCandy allows users multiple editing features that include text editing. Meaning users are able to generate text and are able to edit them by changing the font, size, color, etc. Image insertion is also accessible to users. Other features that PDFCandy enables users to make use of include merging and splitting PDF files, page management, rotating, and compressing PDF files. Although the features are extensive and assist many PDF editors immensely, many professionals may find the features of PDFCandy a little limiting.

3. File Management and File Formatting

The ability to manage, organize, and share files over various platforms efficiently is a quality that all great PDF editors share. Users who work in teams need to be able to utilize the collaborating feature that is provided by many PDF editors to be able to share files in real-time where the edits can be accessed by everyone who has the access to the files. The ability to store files securely is what many businesses look for in their PDF editors.

WPS PDF offers plenty of file management options which include the ability to create and manage folders and subfolders, rename files, and search for documents. In addition to that, WPS PDF also provides users with 1 GB of cloud storage to store and share files securely. The files can also be shared on various platforms including Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android

Meanwhile, PDFCandy also offers some advanced file management options. These include the ability to merge, slip, rotate, and compress files and convert them into various different file formats. However, PDFCandy does not provide any cloud storage options which is not ideal for users who need secure storage and sharing space.

Users can securely open the PDF files created on WPS PDF regardless of the operating system they are working on, or the type of editor they are using. Meanwhile, PDFCandy can also be opened on any platform however, due to less storage space, the heavier files may take more time to load.

4. Security

Many businesses and individuals share documents online over various platforms. When the security and privacy of their document are their utmost concern, the PDF editor type they choose truly matters. WPS PDF offers robust security where users are provided with several security features. WPS PDF’s cloud storage enables users with secure and encrypted storage options ensuring that files are protected from unauthorized access.

PDFCandy supports password protection by enabling users to add passwords to their files, however, users are not able to store files in cloud storage. This may be a drawback for businesses who might consider PDFCandy as their editor. Without the cloud storage options, there is a risk of security of certain information.

5. Price

Both PDF editors offer paid as well as free versions of their application. The paid version entails advanced features, while the free version consists of all the basic functions. WPS PDF’s free version allows users to make the most out of the essential tools, 1 GB of cloud storage and a password protection. The premium package starts at $29.99 per year, which allows users to utilize certain additional features including OCR, batch conversion, and digital signatures.

Meanwhile, PDFCandy’s free version includes the basic editing tools as well the file management options. The premium version starts at $9.99per month which provides advanced features like file conversion, page numbering, and watermarks.

Considering the price plan of both PDF, WPS PDF offers a better value for money considering its not only providing more services, but the cost is also overall less than what PDFCandy charges.

6. Customer Support

Customer support of any company reflects their overall performance and efficiency. Users need to be able to access customer support where they can rely on them to help them fix any issue while using a PDF editor.

WPS PDF offers users multiple customer support channels, including email, phone, and live chat. Additionally, WPS PDF has a robust knowledge base and community forums that provide users with answers to common questions and issues.

PDFCandy offers customer support through email, but it does not provide users with phone or live chat support. Additionally, PDFCandy's knowledge base is not as comprehensive as WPS PDF, which may make it challenging for users to find solutions to specific issues.





User Interface

  • User Friendly

  • Similar to MS Office

  • Simple

  • Easy to use


PDF conversion, PDF editing, OCR, PDF compression, PDF splitting and merging, form filling, password protection, digital signature

PDF conversion, PDF editing, OCR, PDF compression, PDF splitting and merging, form filling, password protection, digital signature


Free and paid version

Free and paid version


  • Cost effective

  • Cloud storage

  • Easy to navigate interface


  • Some users may find the range of features overwhelming or unnecessary

  • More costly for the same services

File size




  • Password Protection

  • Digital Signature

  • Password Protection

  • Digital Signature

Customer Support

  • Online

  • Help centers

  • Tutorials and guides

  • Email support

  • Tutorials and guides


Why WPS Stands Out from PDFCandy

Both WPS PDF and PDFCandy offer users with several essential editing features and tools. However, WPS PDF provides users with more advanced features like OCR and digital signatures, making it a better option for businesses or individuals who require more extensive editing capabilities. Additionally, WPS PDF offers users a more user-friendly interface and better file management options, including secure cloud storage.

While PDFCandy offers affordable pricing options, its lack of advanced editing features and security options may make it less suitable for businesses or individuals who require more robust document management capabilities. In summary, WPS PDF is a better option for users who require a powerful, user-friendly, and secure PDF editor that provides advanced editing capabilities and comprehensive customer support. PDFCandy, on the other hand, may be a suitable option for personal use or smaller businesses that require affordable file management and conversion options.

WPS PDF can be downloaded for free and is available for all platforms including iPhone (iOS), Mac, Windows, Android and Linux. All in all, since both PDF viewers allow free versions, users can put both PDFs to test to see which meet their purpose the best.

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