A Complete Guide to Learn How To Add Digital Signature to PDF

July 31, 20231.2K views

PDFs are typically the format of choice when transferring essential business documents like contracts, proposals, and invoices. Adding a digital signature to pdf using a digital signature is currently the most trustworthy and safe document approval method available to organizations. Some nations, most notably the United States of America, have implemented laws that make digital signatures mandatory in particular scenarios. In other circumstances, they play a crucial part in ensuring that non-repudiation is preserved and eliminating the possibility of manipulation. This is because they remove the possibility of being manipulated.

How to Add Digital Signature to PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

  1. Invoke Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the file to add digital signature to the pdf.

  2. Navigate to the Forms and Certificates section by clicking the Tools tab and scrolling down the page. Choose Open from the dropdown menu located next to Certificates.

  3. From the new choices bar, select the Digitally Sign option.

  4. Choose the digital signature you want to use and click the Continue button. If you still need to add a digital signature certificate to Adobe Acrobat, you will need to click Configure New Digital ID and then follow the instructions on the screen.

  5. Select Sign after you have finished customizing the appearance of the signature.

    1. How To Add Digital Signature To Pdf using PandaDoc

    2. You can access your PandaDoc account by logging in. You can upload a new PDF by selecting New Document > Upload from the main menu or choosing an existing file from the Documents tab on the screen's right side to.

    3. Launch the tab labeled Content > Fields. Move the Signature field to the appropriate location in the PDF using the mouse.

    4. Double-click on the new area to add digital signature to pdf, and then follow the on-screen steps.

How to Add Digital Signature to Pdf Using WPS Office 

  1. To begin, launch WPS PDF and navigate to the relevant PDF file.

  2. The next step is to select the "Sign" button, which can be found in the top toolbar.

  3. The Add Signature option can be found in the dropdown menu of the pop-up window that will display.

  4. You can type your signature right into the appeared box or draw it there to add digital signature to pdf.

  5. Click the Apply button after you are satisfied with your signature. And that wraps things up! The PDF file has been updated with your signature at this time.

Using Tips for WPS Users to Add Digital Signature to PDF

WPS PDF Tools is a software that gives users access to various features that can be utilized when dealing with PDF documents be it adding digital signature to pdf.  These capabilities may be used in several different ways. The ability to add signatures is one of these features that is available. Adding a digital signature to pdf file is uncomplicated and can be finished in a few minutes.

You will be able to save the PDF document after you have put your digital signature to pdf, and then you will be able to send it to other people via the internet. With the help of WPS PDF Tools, it is a breeze to affix digital signature to pdf. This characteristic contributes to the PDF file format's status as an incredibly user-friendly and secure medium for the transmission of information.

FAQs about WPS Office

WPS Office is an excellent choice if you need a powerful PDF editor to add digital signature to pdf. When using WPS Office, you can add signatures to your PDF documents for no additional cost. 

What functionalities are available in WPS?

When you have WPS Office installed on your computer, you will have access to various powerful PDF capabilities, including combining, splitting, and converting PDFs.

Did WPS Office support adding digital signature to pdf feature?

Users who need to sign documents or fill out forms electronically will find that this software, which offers a wide variety of tools for altering and manipulating PDFs, is an indispensable instrument in their toolkit. In addition, the WPS Office app allows you to edit PDF files while moving without needing a computer or laptop.

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