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July 31, 20231.8K views

As one of the smallest pdf viewers for Windows, macOS and Linux, the download size of Slim pdf Reader is just 15MB.

It is free, lightweight, and feature-packed with sophisticated pdf tools to quickly view, review, and print.

Download Slim Apk To Get The Following Features

  • UI supports both light and dark themes
  • Improved navigation features
  • Simplified viewing
  • Sophisticated annotation tools
  • Quickly fill out pdf forms
  • Validate digital signatures
  • Free from bloatware-free and low system resources

Download Slim– A Compact And Effective No-Cost PDF Viewer

We are pleased to announce that Slim pdf Reader was updated and is free to download on Windows, macOS and Linux.

A few cutting-edge features and an updated interface make Slim pdf Reader 2 more potent than ever as it focuses on enhancing your pdf viewing experience.

You don't have to deal with oversized and bloated readers you encounter to open and view a pdf as it is the "thinnest" viewer available (installer size: 15.1 MB, hard drive size: 47.8 MB).


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What's in Slim PDF Reader New?

You can download the Slim Reader now with a new UI, additional features, and more ways to customize your interactions with pdfs by inheriting design elements from the primary pdf product, Able2Extract Professional.

They decided to set standards for what every cutting-edge free pdf reader should offer.

Launch Page

  • Home Dark/Light Themes – downloading the Slim free trial allows you to work in a dark environment at night when that's more comfortable for you or in a light environment during the day.
  • Recent Files List - Continue with the previous pdf file where you left off. Downloading the free version of slim saves the files you recently opened for easy access.
  • Scale the UI to view it more conveniently by resizing it.

It's also worth mentioning the side navigation panel that allows you to view attachments, search the pdf using thumbnails, or browse through the bookmarks.

Tool Documents

You can use these tools to interact with the data in your pdf. These are easily accessible in the top toolbar.

The Hand tool lets you click and "grab" a pdf page, allowing you to quickly move through the document and zoom in on specific areas.

You can use the Copy button to copy text to the clipboard and paste it into other programs. Printing and setting up your pdf for printing is easy with the "print" button. Finally, the Options button lets you quickly select your display preferences and settings.

Viewing pdf

It specifically brings up the issue of pdf viewing and the options available in the toolbar. You can access numerous methods to view your pages with a click or two.

You may zoom in and out, view one or two pages at a time, or go straight to the page you want to see.

There are different aspects of downloading slim, such as Slim apk, Slim premium, and Slim Pro, which also allows a free trial with pro versions.

Download Slim For Free Today

Discover innovative ways to view your pdf and download the free trial today without sacrificing storage space or your computer. The below links offers discounts and coupon codes for downloading Slim pro.

You can download the Slim apk if you click here and Slim pro / Slim premium are also available for you to use freely.

Downloading Slim Pdf Vs Wps Pdf

Check out this head-to-head comparison of downloading the WPS pdf tool and slim pdf, based on data on user preferences.

With 212 reviews, the Slim pdf has a rating of 4.4/5. On the other hand, the WPS pdf tool has 240 reviews and a rating of 4.4/5 stars. Users may download either of these that best suits their requirements.

WPS and Slim offer roughly the same level of ongoing product support.

But when individual requirements were considered, some found WPS tools better suited for them than others.

You can download the WPS office pdf reader through here as well.


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