How to Write or Create a Weekly Report Free

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Preparing weekly reports is a great way to observe employee performance and assure that projects stay on right track. A weekly report abstracts the main points of the week's assignments and tasks, including team and individual actions, completed projects, and prospective work overviews. A weekly report generally is meant to convey the grade of a project. Such reports are normally written by a team or project manager for review by his seniors. Weekly reports are standard methods in some companies and, in others, instituted only in certain cases-- for example, in cases where a project is delayed by schedule or over budget. If creating weekly reports is part of your job, then having a weekly report template can help you facilitate the development of a weekly reporting procedure that fits your work style. In this article, we explain how we write a weekly report and provide a weekly report template and example.

What is included in a weekly report?

The design of weekly reports, including the fonts and color technique, can vary, but there are a few key elements of good reports. Here are a few elements that you can insert into your weekly report:

Title of report

The title should be the key for every report. Your title can define the working report at a glance. So while choosing a report title we have to take the title relevance of our weekly report.

Report date

You should also have a date in your weekly report. It tracks your work timeline and defines the progress of your team performance day by day. You can place the date on top of your title. Including a date in your report is essential because it can help your supervisor with recordkeeping.

Names and roles of you and your team

You should mention your team name to identify team performance properly as your boss is from a big company and needs to overlook many teams and individuals. So, if you mention your working team name clearly, it will create specific value for your team's performance.

Report summary

Mention special quotations at the top of the bottom of your work report and summarize your full report in some words. Write your next scheduling plan and strategy.

Outline of accomplished and in-progress tasks

Reporting your tasks from the week is also an important element of a weekly report. In your report, list your deliverables and the important duties you complete each day of the week.

Weekly outcomes

List the task you completed this week and the incompleted tasks also. Mention, why you can't accomplish those work and show the specific reason.

Challenges and solutions

Write about your employee's problem area and suggest to your supervisor how your team can overcome this and take the right steps from the next working week.

Future overview

A weekly report allows you to improve day by day. You should point out your weekly progress and give them proper forecasting for the future plan.

Use WPS Office Templates to Create a Weekly Report

WPS Office has many templates for its different file programs including write, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs. Users can find lots of templates from the WPS Office and refer them to their other team leader to take its template and make a weekly report easily without any hassle. you can get this special template by following these steps easily.

Open your WPS Office to make a weekly report and go to the home option. You can download your templates from their templates sections and save them after accomplishing the report for further usage.

Use Microsoft Office Templates to Create a Weekly Report

Microsoft Office also gives you the opportunity to take the template for excel and word users. If you prefer an excel template you can download it from the Microsoft excel template and finish your task. Here we use a word template for the weekly report.

Use Canva Templates to Create a Weekly Report

Canva has lots of premium and free templates for its users. Users can simply open Canva software and write their weekly report and save it online. It is easy and creates a great ambiance for their online users.

Free Trial Wps Office to Start Create and Write Reports

From all the suggested software I recommended my viewers to use WPS Office software as it is compatible with Microsoft Office with four official programs. Users can simply download WPS office to enjoy many templates for their working reports. WPS has 7-day trial opportunities to enjoy its premium features without any cards.

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