10 Best Free PDF Resume Templates for Engineering Students

March 15, 20231.8K views

Want to spread out your job-hunting net? Of course, you can cast a much bigger net by building a professional resume.

But hold on for a while, and be crystal clear on this.

You don’t want to get trapped in bogus claims of unreliable resume-building sites. However, finding free pdf resume templates is not a mystery anymore.

There are a bunch of trustworthy free pdf resume templates, especially if you’re an engineering student.  These websites, such as WPS, integrate excellent features to facilitate their potential users.

Let’s dive into these top-rated templates, their potential features, and their practicality.

Free Portal to Download Best PDF Resume Templates for Engineering Students

Being a free portal, WPS lets you build a job-winning resume without doing much. It has a user-friendly interface that intrigues you to navigate its exciting features. Many pdf resume makers integrate numerous tools but need a proper management system. On the contrary, WPS developers have exerted considerable effort to present excellent tool management.

Being the #1 pdf resume maker, it offers a valuable addition to the resume-building community. Along with notable features, WPS provides exclusive resume analytics tracking, history revision, and the creation of attractive and appealing cover letters. Hence, using a single dashboard can acquire different resume versions.

Surprisingly, it’s compatible with all smartphones. Thus, its incredible responsiveness allows you to create a professional resume on your phone. Being one of the top-rated office suites, WPS offers hundreds of free resume templates. Further, you only have to mention relevant details, while WPS will handle everything else, from layout to data incorporation.

Let’s have a look at some of its customers’ reviews.

The whole organization uses the software for the details of the documents used. By using this software, we can easily do our work for the betterment of the organization.  (Dhiman Roy)

WPS Office is an impressive office suite with a wide range of features and functions. It is incredibly user-friendly and has a modern and intuitive user interface that helps me create my resume quickly. (Anne Sofie E.)


WPS offers you the best price to execute your resume-building task. At present, it is offering two subscription plans;

  • Six months - $20

  • One year - $35


  • WPS is free and lets you create an amazing resume using its robust templates.

  • Being a professional pdf resume maker, it can create multi-language documents.

  • Quick service and occupies less space

  • Privacy of users’ data

  • Pdf resumes

  • Offering live preview


  • Some of its outstanding templates are not available for free.

Best Free PDF Resume Templates for Engineering Students

1-  Greyish Hue Template

This plain, greyish template lets you add essential detail without any hassle. If you need a simple PDF resume template with subtle shades, opt for this ready-to-go resume maker template.

2- Engineering Analyst Resume

All engineering analysts must create their resumes in the best possible manner. To do so, one needs a comprehensive free PDF resume template to create an outstanding resume. To make this happen, go for this template that includes everything - from your career objective to your work history.

3- Engineering Coordinator Resume Template

If you work as a coordinator, download this PDF resume template and get started. This time the hiring criteria are pretty tough, and you don’t want to skip the role. That’s why you chose this template to get your dream job.

4- Engineering Executive Ocean Blue Template

Beat all others by choosing this engineering executive PDF resume template. Customize this template and get a strong resume in your arsenal.

5- A programmer Resume Template

Working as an engineer and programmer can be tough. But what’s more challenging is creating a comprehensive resume that should be impressive enough to get you a job. Give this subtle PDF resume template a try to impress recruiters.

6- Basic Resume Template

Although it’s a basic template, it contains every essential detail that recruiters want. By choosing this template, you’ll get a crafter's resume created by an expert.

7-  Simple Resume Template for Fresh Engineering Graduate

Are you a fresh graduate with no work experience? If yes, this free pdf resume template will outshine you. By crafting this resume, you’ll get the same response as other experienced candidates.

8-  Free Pdf Resume Template for Entry Level Engineer

This highly customized template integrates every valuable piece of information. The leftmost section includes your work experience and education. On the other hand, the right section reflects your skills and personal information.

9- Free PDF Resume Template for Chemical Engineer

Get a PDF resume template that reflects your excellent chemical engineering skills. By downloading this template, you can bring into focus your career objective, work experience, education, and professional skills.

10- PDF Resume Template for Software Engineer

Want to portray your experience and skills in the most impressive manner? Get this amazing PDF resume template to showcase what you have in a unique manner.

Steps to Download WPS

The best PDF resume maker allows you to focus on the right content while diverting your attention to attractive layouts. One such notable PDF resume maker is WPS. With its diverse templates, ready-to-use designs, attractive layouts, excellent tool management, and efficient service, one can get a professional PDF resume in a few minutes.

WPS has been a powerful tool to illustrate your skills in the form of a resume. If you want recruiter-friendly PDF resume templates, instantly download WPS Office. All you need to do is follow these instructions to get this software.

  • Here, you can see the “Free Download” button that will let you download this amazing software. Moreover, you’ll get a WPS version compatible with your Windows.

  • Later, you’ll be notified about the download in the lower-left corner. Complete all the installation processes to use it right away.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is keyword optimisation necessary for my pdf resume?

    Due to the evolving technology, recruiters now use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). For this, you need to integrate the right keywords in your resume. Consider keyword optimisation to ensure your resume is noticed.

    What common mistakes do people make in creating a pdf resume?

    The most common mistakes are grammatical errors and exaggerating your skills and expertise. Always proofread your articles before submitting them. Further, ensure to be precise when talking about your skills and capabilities.

    Choose WPS Now!

    WPS provides a “try before you pay” policy that lets you uncover its most-demanding features without buying its subscriptions. What’s limiting you? Try out WPS's unique features to create a job-winning PDF resume.

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